Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Lessons of Tienanmen 1989: Defend Gains of the Revolution Mercilessly

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
June 04 2013

Today in 1989 in Beijing at the main city square where one of the greatest revolutionaries mausoleum is (Mao Tse Tung) there took place large protests which were happening for a few weeks supported and facilitated by the ruling Communist Party of China. They were protests largely directed at a socialist revival against the corruption that came about since the market reforms post circa 1980. However, this was also a time in the world where imperialist forces were in their greatest overdrive mode to turn back the world Black/'third world' and socialist revolutions, a overdrive which was largely successful.

The protests at Tienanmen Sq started to become infiltrated by pro-imperialist forces, cia agents and imperialist 'media' (ie., agents) who pushed a minority of the students to take provocative actions against the govt which resulted in the attacks on govt buildings and the killing of PLA (peoples liberation army) soldiers (admitted by the imperialist press at the time).

The Chinese govt having recognised that this movement was openly pro-imperialist and pro-capitalist decided to shut shit down, and they did that good and proper, with the resultant deaths of scores perhaps hundreds of provacateurs and their foolish followers.

Lessons of this episode are many, imho the primary lessons being that once a revolutionary process has achieved gains through inordinate revolutionary sacrifice, you do not give these up at any costs, rather you slam down *hard* any provocative imperialist attempts at trying to push the Revolution back.

Since 1989 the white imperialists have developed the Tienanmen model against our countries and world positions in so-called 'colour revolutions', most recently seen in the model of the Arab Sting, and also used all over the place.

If China had not protected the gains of the Revolution, hundreds of millions of Chinese would not have seen their lives improve out of abject poverty, millions of other peoples in the would not have seen their lives improve as a result of China's economic world role; China would have been a basket case country like all the former socialist countries who are beholden to imperialism; China would have seen a possible descent into chaos, partition and division like we have seen in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan etc.

Long live Socialist China. Long live the PLA. China is our Giant, our protection and inspiration in many ways for the resistant-oppressed throughout the world. China is humanity's example of what we can and will achieve

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