Thursday, 6 June 2013


A small note to just explain that when the 'western' press talk about 'reform', they mean reform that will be conducive and facilitate imperialist domination and exploitation. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Attack on Western values sparks fears over prospects for political reform


Beijing seen as trying to tighten ideological grip as magazine warns of avoiding 'devil's road'
A flagship Communist Party magazine has denounced Western values in a move seen as a further attempt by Beijing to tighten its ideological grip, triggering concerns that the prospects for political reform remain dim.

A commentary in Qiushi (Seeking Truth) yesterday said the party and the nation would lose vitality if they rigidly stuck to old thoughts. But it also warned that adopting Western ideas would push the nation into a dead end and dash hopes for realising the "Chinese dream", a phrase often used by party chief Xi Jinping .

"The party and the nation will embark on the devil's road with Western thoughts," the commentary said, adding that only socialism with Chinese characteristics could unite the Chinese people.

"Only with a strong core leadership can China be united to realise its great dreams. That core leadership is the Communist Party of China," it said.

Another party magazine, Dangjian (Party Building), said in a commentary last week that calls for constitutionalism were aimed at "abolishing the leadership of the Communist Party and overthrowing the socialist regime".

"Constitutionalism should not be our political directive and ideal," it said.

Other commentaries in the state media and other party mouthpieces even called on the government to learn from imperial practices when tackling rampant corruption.

Chen Ziming , a Beijing-based political commentator, said the recent rhetoric by party mouthpieces indicated that momentum for reform was weak.

"It is not only moving backwards to the era of former president Hu Jintao , but to the pre-1989 period," he said. "It reflects the leadership thinking that there will be progress if they can get things under control."

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