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We have a crazy situation whereby white liberals, as pictured, are bringing together Black Revolutionaries like Robert King of the Black Panthers and open supporters of death squads, allies of nato and promoters of the lynching of Black people in Libya like Omar Dehgayes. Those who lynch Blacks and Black revolutionaries on the same panel?! 
This is where this crazy and lazy politics has brought us to

Empire Liberals and their defence of and alliance with the nutters

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

The liberal lefties in england and their non-white allies have been churning out the usual over-simplified line that the woolwich attackers were motivated purely by their opposition to british foreign policy and the white supremacist (they prefer the white washed term: 'racist') state repression of Muslims within britain. While these two factors are of course a part of the background to woolwich, it is wholly incomplete, and this analysis conveniently misses some other very important factors in this whole scenario.

brit pm cameron, mi5 and 'ministry of defence' have all admitted that Michael Adebolajo AKA one of the two woolwich attackers was known to them. Adebolajo was involved in Anjem Choudhury's lunatic pro-death-squad group 'Al-Muhajiroun', who use and abuse Islam and the just causes of some of our Muslim family for furthering the agenda of the british state. Choudhury's group and others like him don't have more than around several hundred people to around a thousand people in and around them.

They are ALL monitored closely by the intel services, and I would be very surprised if the state did not know that Adebolajo and his comrade were not up for doing something like this. Just special branch has several thousand full time personnel conducting political policing, and this does not include mi5, mi6 and other branches of political policing in this country.

Nearly every single person who discusses or is in some stage of planning such attacks in england have gone through Choudhury's group, so its not like the british state has to do much hard work to indentify who the possible loose canons are that would discuss and plan attacks like we saw in woolwich.

Understanding the above, we can see quite clearly that the state manipulates this and other similar group (as they do other 'AlQaeda' type groups across the world) for two main purposes:

1, it uses them to divide, traumatise communities at 'home' and 'abroad', and conduct divide and ruin and regime change operations (Libya, Chechnya, Libya, Mali, Syria etc). These groups have opnely allied with nato in Libya and Syria. In Libya they have lynched en masse Black people and anti-imperialist patriots, and destroyed Sufi shrines and anything that does not fit in with their bonkers idea of what their religion is. In Syria they are conducting literal cannibalism and this is defended by those who support these mad groups. Everywhere they go, everything they touch they destroy with the main beneficiaries being always the western imperialist states.

The promotion by the state and media of Choudhury's as the 'perfect enemy' then whips up the mirror opposites of these crazy groups such as the edl and other far-right white nationalist and white supremacist formations. While it is absolutely right that the edl have been essentially beaten to a positive stalemate by our brothers in our Black and Brown communities,this situation nevertheless diverts everyone from the actual culprits who are running the whole imeprialist white power structure.

And 2, these groups are used by the british state and media and promoted by them actually as 'the enemy of the west' so as to entrap with this honey-trap which results in some of our mainly young brothers who are angry and furious about white imperialist policies across the Ummah (international Muslim community) so as to criminalise all Muslims by tarring them with the same brush as these nutters. and which presents a simplistic and effective bogey man to increase white supremacy and divisions between muslims and non-muslims etc and in so doing criminalise the entire Ummah and actually all Black and Brown people.

What might seem as additional nuanced analysis here beyond the 'its all foreign policy, innit' type of analysis actually leaves out the irresponsibility of white empire liberals who have been treating these nutters with kid gloves in the sense that many of these empire liberals have been and continue to promote these death squad supporters as human rights campaigns and cases. It is obvious to anyone not wholly naive as to reality that there are clearly pro-AlQaeda people who are being treated as poor victims of imperialism, when they are used by imperialism according to the two points I have outlined above. While white empire liberals promote these fake human rights campaigns, they do so with those people who are more than happy that Mali is beig ruined, that Libya has been destroyed, that Iraq is ripped apart by sectarian hatred, that Syria is being destroyed, that Hizbullah should be attacked, that Iran should be destroyed, and that nearly literally for them the path to heaven is through the blood and death of Christians and Shia, and any uppity Blacks who might get in the way.

What we are facing is an alliance between nato on the one hand, these lunatics and their white liberal allies, all of which who are promoting white imperialist agendas everywhere they have a presence and influence.

It is high time that from an anti-imperialist perspective, that this situation is challenged and that we actually develop real and meaningful anti-imperialism as shown sucessfully by our leaderships and movements such as Evo Morales, Chavez and Maduro, Castro, Mugabe, Gaddafi, Assad, Nasrallah and Hizbullah, Iran, the BRICS, SCO, ALBA, ASEAN and other effective formations of our struggle that believe in a contructive and unifying unity across our regions for our common interests and liberation.

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