Wednesday, 22 May 2013


cameron and sarkozy openly promoted crazed death squads in Libya abusing religion (Islam) for their depraved ends, now france, britain and usa are doing the same in Iraq and Syria and beyond

Reports thus far *seem* to indicate that this was an attack on a serving british soldier, and IF the attackers considered themselves Muslim then we have some serious problems as it is 'western' govts that have been directly bringing to life this nutty and bonkers profoundly sectarian and death squad movement first in Afghanistan in the 1980s with major Saudi money and Pak ISI facilitation (the brits were DEEP in this game), then played a double game of promoting them and AT THE SAME TIME giving them further credit by making out they are enemy number one, they spread this cancer across Asia and Africa including Chechnya, Bosnia, and most recently in Iraq, and now in Libya, and Syria (and also giving them life through the Arab sting in Tunisia, Egypt).

The brits OPENLY allied with such mad people in Libya and Syria. The brit intel services basically use 'AlQaeda' as their entrapment tactic, attract young foolish minds to AlQ, then use them to achieve their white supremacist aims of besmirching a whole religion and peoples across the world who are Black and Brown and making people hate Islam in so doing.

Realise these games, support our peoples who are anti-imperialist AND fighting imperialism 'AlQaeda' death squads liker Assad in Syria and Gaddafi before in Libya, as well as the Russians who wiped them up good and proper for the most in Chechnya. If you dont wanna support, then dont complain about things like Woolwich.

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