Friday, 10 May 2013


I grieve with and for the Great Shabazz Family that has endured so much as our Royal family of Black Nationalism. We are always in debt to them for sharing their father, mother and now nephew and son with us.

Yesterday me dear and beloved brother Malcolm Latif El Shabazz was murdered in Tijuana, Mexico. He was 28 years olf and is survived by his daughter, his mother, five aunts and several cousins. He has several book manuscripts that he wanted published, and he had pledged to be an agent of change. From June 2012 to Feb 2013 he was harassed and ahrried by police and government agents. Do not trust the mainstream media lies about him. They failed to make him into a Blackneck snitch and traitor, and he never wanted to sell us out. He has his pros and cons, but in life and in death he never wanted to be a compromised person/ I loved Maloclm like a yonger brother and he endured more suffering, lies and pain than twenty people. Let us pray for his family and honor the Shabazz family by refusing to sell out.

I loved Malcolm unconditionally and so did my friends who reached out to him. We are only as strong as a people as those in our midst that are hurting and suffering. I will got to my grave believing that Malcolm's death is cOINTELPRO 2.0. I think he was targeted at birth for destruction, and what was done to him as a child by the fbi and later by the state of new york rank among the greatest human rights crimes of our era. Let us Love and reclaim our youth.

Dr Randy Short, Black Autonomy Network (BANCO)

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