Wednesday, 15 May 2013




I remember the days
before rap music arrived in my life
I was an indigenous kid
playing percussion and wind pipe
I used to listen to my dad's oral tradition
so follow the footprints
to scape from this colonial prison
rap music
now I see the lies behind the lines
stereotypes rhymes that redefined
my life inside an eye
You see that I was rhyming since 1492
the same rap as Eurocentric domination tool
Common supporting Obama
that was hard to see
like liberal leftist
still sucking Jay Z's dick
shit is cold...
like immigrants smiling in Starbucks
just for the sake of a job
Remember the 90's?
we used to call them "teachers"
the first revolutionaries preaching
you don't want to admit it
so watch the Nike commercials
we've been victims of mechanic tongues
controlling the population
K'naan, Lupe...
the "working class heroes"
may be they mean the "working class"
from US-European marxism
Can we decolonized Hip-Hop?
If everyone imaginary is subjectivised behind its symbols?
Cause this religion seems to be another secularization
like capital idolatry between nations
colonial domination
throughout the earphones
a biopolitic dehumanising
peoples eardrum
It's denigrating
a boom bap legitimating
the taking
of Pachamama
as a merchandise to be perverted
then we have all these "literate poets"
the ones stuck in modern
scientificist discourses
Didn't they know that ancient Greece
and enlightenment were the basis
the invention of genders
and the myth of races?
Yeah I know its crazy
all these revolutionaries
spreading enslavement
like westernized university over the planet
We are all in this colonial matrix
so don't get me wrong
I'm not claiming one universal truth to be impose
neither I'm proclaiming a particularity over the rest
like the arrogant provincial mentality from the west
Ask yourself, if London architecture is Greek
and Greece is in crisis
that shows the declining
of a whole epistemology
my cosmology
is searching horizontal dialogue
not the vertical monologue full of sorrow
Everybody says "me,me,me"
shouldn't we start applying the pronoun WE
as a community
it's the opportunity
for Pluriversal global designs
that could be the perfect rhyme

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