Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Is the imperialist offensive against Venezuela gaining momentum?
Reports of people being killed in imperialist allied destabilisation and sabotage of the Bolivarian Revolution

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
April 16 2013

Unsurprisingly it is not been reported in the imperialist press but unfortunately but predictably it seems that the Bolivarian Revolution now led by Brother-Leader Maduro is being targeted by imperialism and its allies centred around the 'opposition' camp of defeated presidential candidate Caprilles.

It is hardly a new tactic of imperialism to use disputed (by their side) election results to then launch major violent destabilisation moves against our peoples. This is what seems to be taking place since the marginal victory of Maduro in Venezuela just in the last day or two.

Below are some pictures of party offices of Hugo Chavez and Maduro's Socialist Party of Venezuela being torched by 'protestors'. All the imperialist press are not reporting this, but are focusing and manipulating the situation by stating Venezuelan police forces are firing tear gas at protesters  and Caprilles is calling on people to go the to streets to 'peacefully' protest the election results.This is another typical imperialist tactic of feigning ignorance of what is actually taking place, making out their side is the democratic and just side.

To anyone who knows about imperialism's modus operandi, this is a boring re-hash of their dirty work around the world, but inevitably people, especially empire liberal whites and less so non-whites (thank God it is not in Africa or Asia, whereby so many non-whites seem to fall for every imperialist media trick in the book: see Libya, Zimbabwe etc) will be duped.

On the issue of the elections, The situation is that Russia and China, the two leading sections of the GlobalSouth world revolution, have formally accepted that Maduro has won the elections. Russia has also recently put in place a new missile defence system, as well as some years ago conducting a historic joint naval military exercise in the Caribbean waters off the coast of Venezuela, which was a major defeat for imperialism. Argentina and Brazil and some other countries in the region have made official statements that they also respect the outcome of the election results. In contrast and in line with their tired imperialist nonsense, the usa has stated that it will not accept the results of the election until there is a recount, pointing to a obvious set up for further counterrevolution.

So what we are seeing in Venezuela is the concentration of the forces of the GlobalSouth versus the reactionary forces of imperialism and its proxies in the country. To further support this claim, there are thousands of Cubans, Iranians and Russians employed in different levels of the sections of the state which are in the camp of the Bolivarian Revolution. Ever since the passing on of Brother-Leader Hugo Chavez to the Ancestors our assertive GlobalSouth anti-imperialist countries have been making it clear with our Venezuelan family that our unity continues and continues to be deepened.

"Maduro, confirmed on several occasions between Venezuela alliances with Russia, China, Iran and Belarus, and other nations, reported newspaper Telesur." (source)

It would be no surprise that Chavez and his comrades have made deeper strategic united initiatives within the country to prepare for the inevitable imperialist offensive which seems to be developing right now.

In the recent past we have had Maduro point to various manifestations of imperialist plots against the Venezuelan Boliarian Revolution. This was reported from a few days ago:

Venezuela's acting President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday his government would provide "new direct evidence" of U.S. interventionism in his country after he cast a vote in his bid to succeed Hugo Chávez.

Maduro, who was handpicked by Chávez to lead his nation, expelled two U.S. military attaches the day the leftist leader died last month, and he accused former U.S. officials of hatching a plot to kill him during the campaign.

"There are always difficulties with the United States because they are always plotting," he charged after voting in the presidential election pitting him against opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

"Tomorrow [Monday] we will present new direct evidence of interventionism in the domestic situation of Venezuela by U.S. embassy officials," (source)

While the white imperialist media go about their usual business of being one of the most important arms of the imperialist project of war and domination against us in promoting their twisting of the truth, omission of facts and promotion of lies, the Venezuelan press reports that Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz, has stated that violent incidents recorded in the last day in the country, have left seven people dead and another 61 injured. (source)

The Bolivarian Revolution has many friends internationally, but the most important friends it has are the patriotic anti-imperialist masses of the GlobalSouth manifested most effectively in the leaderships of our assertive anti-imperialist nations like Russia, China, Iran, Brazil etc, many of whom we have the snakes, fakes, fools and tools of imperialism around the world but especially emongst the empire liberals/lefts in the 'west' hating this most important strategic unity of Venezuela with our international family.One hopes that despite whatever imperialism throws at our peoples and struggle in Venezuela, that the masses in the Bolivarian Revolution under the leadership of Maduro and our allied countries can foil this important position of struggle against imperialism that is the Revolution in Venezuela.

regional offices of Maduro's Socialist Party of Venezuela being set alight by counterrevolutionaries

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