Tuesday, 2 April 2013


While Hamas move further and further away from the resistance axis in the region which is mostly Iran, Baathist Syria, Hizbullah and Sudan and Algeria, other factions in the Palestinian resistance maintain their alliance to this axis, most notably the PFLP, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and PFLP-GC.

This video shows that the tensions as a result of the Arab Sting and its devastation of Libya and Syria especially, and negative results in Tunisia and Egypt are likely to impact the Palestinian situation increasingly as time goes on. The Arab spring clean for nato in the region is aimed at neutralising all resistance to imperialism and zionism, with the Palestinian Revolution being one of the main strands of this resistance.

This raises a historic challenge for the Palestinian National Liberation Movement: while the Arab sting works directly against Resistance in the region, the fallout especially from Libya and now Syria on Palestine will continue to impact Lebanon, and Palestine itself will be one of the final targets for destruction in this nato and zionist project.

Contradictions and clashes among Palestinians is likely to develop alongside the regional developments which are deepening in their sectarian character.

The key in this situation is Hamas, will those who support Hamas currently move away from Hamas' support and alliance to the chief collaborators of imperialism in the region - Qatar and Turkey? It seems unlikely that Hamas will move away from their Ikhwan/Muslim Brotherhood allies who have decided on a strategic alliance with imperialism to achieve narrow political and financial gains.

Whatever the case might be, the situation does not at all portend well for the Palestinians and the general struggle against imperialism and zionism in the region.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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