Friday, 19 April 2013



Yesterday, several vans of the Basque police came to Aske Gunea (the Free Space) in order to arrest the 8 youths who have recently been sentenced to lengthy prison terms. They came twice during the night, first at 00:30 and again at 4:00

On both occassions, our alarm went off and the people gathered quickly around the sentenced youths to prevent their arrest. As much as 500 people peacefully confronted the police, sitting on the ground and holding each other’s arms. In the end, the police gave up and left.

During these tense moments, a spokesperson grabbed the microphone and repeated the message we have been spreading this week: we will defend our youths at all times by resorting to peaceful but firm civil disobidience.

We want to renew our call to the Basque Nationalist Party: “This is a sincere invitation to join this People’s Wall. We call on you not to send the Basque Autonomous Police against our youths. Do not use the Basque Police to enforce unjust laws which the Spanish Government imposes on us and to arrest our youths” We are in a new time and everyone’s contribution is more necessary than ever for a peaceful solution to the Basque political conflict.

In Aske Gunea, we are awaiting Mr Urkullu’s response, but the web has already spoken. Yesterday night, #urkulluezbidaliertzaintza (Don’t send the police against us) became a trending topic in all Basque-language social media. We think that most Basque citizens agree with us and are supportive of our struggle. In this new time of no violence, no-one should be jailed for their political work.

Around noon, we have received information about more police vans moving around the town. According to our reports, as much as 12 police vans have been seen heading for Donostia.

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