Thursday, 18 April 2013


Contradictory? Yes. Leading world force against imperialism? Yes.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Every phenomenon in the natural world, every human being, and every political organisation on the side of anti-imperialist world history has its contradictions.

With all the contradictions of that which leads the BRIC (Brazil, Indian, China, Russia, South Africa) of which there are definitely many, THIS is the current world leadership the most EFFECTIVE and HISTORY-MAKING of the world anti-imperialist struggle.

The BRICS countries have enabled ALL resistant positions and nations and regions of the GlobalSouth achieve the successes they have, without the BRICS there would be no Bolivarian Revolution.

Without the BRICS something approaching HALF A BILLION people in the last few decades would not have been lifted out of poverty in the Global South, especially in East Asia (esp China) and especially on the souther half of the continent of the Americas.

The BRICS is also THE major international alliance that is stopping imperialism from going all out on the economic, cultural and military levels of dominating us. The most graphic example of this is their role in the defence of Syria, esp in the case of China and Russia. Without the BRICS, the world would see incomparably more poverty, more imperialist trauma and war. There is much more to be done, no doubt, but the BRICS is the best we have had for may generations in the Global struggle.

The BRICS incorporate a communist state which is increasingly shifting to the left since the demise of the Ziang Zemin era (end of the 1990s); it involved a Marxist Guerilla activist in Brazil turned President of a progressive militant trade union originating ruling party: the Workers Party; it includes India, which is a intense pot of contradictions, but is increasingly snubbing the west and allying deeper with the GlobalSouth (see especially their defiance over Iran); by the hard core fighters of the USSR in the KGB people like Putin and Lavrov, who are ruling over a capitalist, but patriotic and militantly anti-imperialist Russia who are uniting with China to form a massive anti-imperialist bulwark across EurAsia and Asia; BRICS is led by a veteran Black Revolution struggler of the ANC in SA, in a context of his country which was a compromise given to the revolutionaries by the imperialist white supremacists in alliance with the white settlers in SA.

So the BRICS does NOT represent a unified ideology, but this is not a bad thing, what it DOES represent is a UNITED coalition of GlobalSouth forces that seek an end to imperialism and for the rise of the GlobalSouth and JUSTICE for ALL peoples across the world.

As Mao Tse Tung would have encouraged: let us see where the BRICS stand in the primary contradiction in the world today, which, as with Mao's own time, the primary contradiction remains that between the imperialists and the masses of the peoples and countries of the Global South. And the BRICS stands firmly on our side of the GlobalSouth in this contradiction.

All power to the BRICS, NAM, ALBA, CARICOM, SCO, ASEAN, AU as fronts of struggle for humanity's liberation.

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