Friday, 12 April 2013


If we're rightly addressing those who were 'meekly quiet when NATO and their death squad allies were making [Libya] a disaster' then lets add to the list everyone who remained silent over the NATO destruction..oops I mean 'humanitarian intervention' Yugoslavia. More evil, sadistic and powerful death squads you will not find than the NATO backed KLA.

No one says anything about the brutal organised destruction of that civilised European state on our doorstep, by the same guys bringing misery to Iraq, Libya, Syria and beyond in exactly the same way.
Says so much about how feeble, brainwashed and bigoted peeps are in all quarters. (Chris Natural)

Per square kilometer, NATO dropped more depleted uranium on Serbia than it did on Iraq. When the bombing ceased, at the orders of the US, Serbia held internationally-supervised elections. Milosevic won. Then, unilaterally, the US negated the elections. When the press asked Madeleine Albright why, she said, "The wrong side won." Then, Milosevic was arrested and sent to The Hague and put on trial. We didn't hear much about this until he died. What happened before that is quite intriguing. He was charged with being involved with the deaths of 300,000 people. When the trial adjourned, that number was down to 24. He defended himself brilliantly as more than 90% of the witnesses against him were dismissed for lying. Word had it that he was going to be acquitted  Then, he began to get ill and he said he was being poisoned and the US said he was lying. A few weeks later, he was dead. The US said he committed suicide. No one who fought in court for years and was on the eve of being declared innocent will commit suicide. The issue of NATO and Serbia is one of the most compelling of our time, yet it has been forgotten and erased from our memories. (Malcom Lagouche)

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