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Mozambique next for imperialism intrigue?
Why revolutionaries must be pro-active in defending our countries

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Africa is currently seeing an escalation of attempts by white imperialism to re-colonise the continent, especially after the 'shield of Africa' - the LIbyan Jamahirya led by Muammar Gaddafi, has fallen to nato. Libya was the vanguard defence of the continent which was the driving force behind many concrete and effective Pan-African projects in and out of the African Union. Since the fall of Libya we have seen escalating military presence of imperialism in Mali, Uganda, Central African Republic and many more countries.

One of the central means by which imperialism intervenes in countries of the GlobalSouth is to goad on and direct proxy armed gangs to conduct destabilisation, and then with an excuse to stabilise the country, imperialism moves in and creates many more times problems and trauma. The most infamous means by which imperialism has been doing this in recent history is by means of 'Al-Qaeda', which has its roots in Afghanistan where, in alliance with and trained by imperialism and by imperialism allies in the region (most notably Saudi Arabia and Pakistan) it destroyed Afghanistan and the progressive government of the Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA).

Similarly in Mali imperialism has fed death squads from Libya into Mali and then into Algeria, and then with the excuse of fighting the same death squads, goes in to achieve its own strategic aims. They are trying to same thing with Algeria, but the Algerians knowing well what the devils are up to pre-empted that strategy by taking control of things themselves. I have written about the Algerian situation many times including here.

In the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, imperialism has been feeding in proxy groups who conduct violent acts that traumatise the people in order to keep one of the richest mineral rich countries in the world at bay. On top of that the DRC has a president and leadership which is not to the liking of imperialism as Kabila and the alliance that he leads is close to the most progressive and radical countries and leadership in Africa (such as SADC, Mugabe etc) and is building a strategic alliance with China. People should remember that one of the main reasons why the great African revolutionary Patrice Lumumba was lynched by imperialsm (recently the brits admitted to their lead role in his lynching, as was the case with the lynching of Gaddafi) was because he was moving Congo into the orbit of the assertive anti-imperialist Africa and GlobalSouth and in alliance with the USSR. It is only because of the support of SADC and countries like Zimbabwe in particular, and with a wise leadership that the DRC and President Kabila has been able to survive so far the imperialist conspiracy against him.

Now there are worrying developments in Mozambique. For many decades the ruling party in the country - FRELIMO, led by one of Africa's greatest revolutionary leaders of modern times Samora Machel (he has passed away, but his wife is re-married to Nelson Mandela) - fought a bitter and popular guerilla war of national liberation against portugese colonialism, and by 1974 has successfully taken over the country. However, a imperialist-backed death squads of Renamo, also supported by the white supremacist apartheid regimes of 'rhodesia' (later renamed Zimbabwe) and South Africa, conducted a war of terror and destabilisation that lasted until the early 1990s. Of course imperialism could not allow a newly independent revolutionary state ruled by FRELIMO to show the continent and the entire Global South how to resist and build a new socialist country and give support to the other struggles in the region such as the Black Revolutions in Zimbabwe led by ZANU and in South Africa led by the ANC, SACP and PAC.

Now Renamo has conducted several terrorist attacks in recent weeks:

"Armed men from Mozambique's former rebel group Renamo attacked a truck and a bus carrying civilians in the central Sofala province on Saturday killing two, authorities said [...] 

The group, armed with AK47 assault rifles, stopped the truck transporting petrol on the road leading to the capital Maputo, Machohe said. 

They killed its two occupants. They then also attacked an Intercape bus with around 60 passengers on board.

"Two women were injured on the bus. They are in hospital in Muxungwe," said Machohe.

"We do not know why they are stopping civilian vehicles. The population are fleeing their homes and fields. The whole district is living in fear," added Machohe.


The attack came two days after militiamen loyal to the opposition Renamo party attacked a police station in Muxungue, killing four policemen in a bid to free more than a dozen colleagues arrested the previous day in a police raid on their party headquarters." (source)

People should be vigilant that imperialism seeks by means of economic, propaganda and direct war of sanctions and war threats to bring into line any country of the Global South that is asserting its own national, regional, continent-wide and South-South aims. This is so much so for those ruling parties who have a very recent history of liberation struggle against imperialism and white settler rule. This includes Mozambique, but also many other countries in the region including Angola, Namibia, as well of course South Africa and Zimbabwe, the latter who has faced pretty much open war by imperialism for since the late 1990s, in large part due to its Pan-Africanist support to DRC.

So it is with great concern that the patriots of the Africa, the patriots and strugglers of anti-imperialist independence throughout the GlobalSouth see the recent developments whereby Renamo seems to be ratcheting up its campaign of terror in Mozambique. There is little doubt that this is being done with the support of imperialist interests and direction, suspicions raised as it comes at a time when imperialism is feeling that it is going through a particular time right now that it can military interfere with many African countries with no real obstacle and resistance to its moves.

All patriots and loyalists of the Global South must be pro-active and vigilant in reading the moves of imperialism before they intervene and start destroying a country. Anti-imperialists must take the initiative to popularise the gains of the Revolutions which have given birth to very young countries such as Mozambique, we must popularise the legacy, the historical gains and continuing achievements and also patriotic challenges of countries and parties like FRELIMO. Not doing so means giving our enemy - white imperialism - a carte blanche and clear field to fill peoples minds with lies and distorted facts on the basis of which they soften people up and get the masses to even support their aims. The Libyan debacle is the great case in point. Our job is not to wait for our people to be slaughtered and then start a defence of our peoples and struggles, but to do that work constantly before  imperialism comes for us. To fail in this central task smacks of suicidal complacency and political corruption, or is the result of laziness and complacency borne out of being corrupted by the comforts real and imagined of the imperialism. Revolutionary vigilance and pro-activeness are key parts of our struggle, this are central things we need developing.

The article reporting on Renamo's terrorist activities explains the massive mineral reserves of Mozambique, and the imperialist interests vested there: "Although resumption of full hostilities is unlikely given Frelimo's political and military dominance since a shaky 1992 truce, tensions are bound to worry the foreign mining firms exploring some of the world's largest untapped coal and natural gas reserves. Major investors include Italy's Eni, New York-listed Anadarko, Brazil's Vale and London-listed Rio Tinto. Mozambique's offshore Rovuma gas field is believed to hold 150 trillion cubic feet of gas, enough to supply Germany, Britain, France and Italy for 15 years." (source)

imperialism seeks to monopolise this mineral wealth at the best terms for itself, ie., smashing the rights of countries to determine trade relations conducive to national developments. imperialism calls such countries employing nationalist policies for development as 'resource nationalism', something which the british finance capitalists main newspaper the financial times accused Libya of just over one year before destroying the place, and they have accused Algeria of the same of late. Furthermore  and just as importantly, if imperialism cannot have full unfettered access to this mineral wealth then it still seeks to mobilise all its resources to ensure that countries like Mozambique do develop mutually beneficial relations with countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and especially China, allowing both Mozambique and China as a leading vanguard nation of the GlobalSouth to continue forging ahead and strengthening the entire Global South in the process.

Loyalists of the GlobalSouth, anti-imperialists have no other choice but to increase our numbers, increase the pro-active vigilance to defend all positions of our struggle in the GlobalSouth in a framework of victory-oriented political approaches. FRELIMO Mozambique are our brothers and sisters, and deserve all the support and respect that their struggle has inspired and demanded.

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