Sunday, 3 March 2013


Based on this speech of Thabo Mbeki made in Feb 2012

1. “the Western powers have enhanced their appetite to intervene on our Continent, including through armed force, to ensure the protection of their interests, regardless of our views as Africans”

2. These powers “will use the argument that they are our unique friends as defenders of our democratic and human rights, obliged to act in this regard especially when our Continent, through the AU and our regional bodies, can be presented as having failed to act to defend these rights”

3. These powers “will act as they did in Libya especially if, in situations of internal conflict, which they would also foment, they can argue that they are implementing” the R2P doctrine.

4. “In all instances we must expect that such interventions will be supported by some native forces, our own kith and kin, which the world powers concerned will present as the genuine representatives of our peoples, without regard to the truth in this regard.”

5. The West will attempt to harness multilateral institutions to support their narrow interests, such as in applying sanctions against a given country, and they will especially misuse the UNSC.

6. The West will “use the global media to demonise whomsoever they view as their enemy, and present in the best possible light whomsoever they determine is their friend”

7. Disunity in Africa “opens the door to our ‘recolonisation’”, esp as the West attempts to prevent a strategic alliance between Africa and China.

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