Thursday, 28 February 2013


The affinity between our African 'American' family in north America and the DPRK ('north Korea') is nothing new of course. As with lots of things little known by many across the world due to the intense imperialist maligning of this great country DPRK, few know that the DPRK is along with Gaddafi's Libya one of the relatively small countries of the GlobalSouth that has given the support, disproportionate to its size, to the liberation movements across the world. Including in this internationalism is the support DPRK has given to the radical anti-colonial movements across the three continents, including many in Africa, especially places like Algeria, Zimbabwe and many others. And they have also gave support to the Black Liberation Movement in the usa, including the Black Panthers amongst others.

Brother Rodman's visit and word of warm friendship and solidarity is a beautiful moment, and one truly hopes this will inspire people to look into the last bastion of true cultural, political independence of any GlobalSouth country against imperialist hegemony: the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. The DPRK,like Vietnam and China and other struggles are ones that we owe a massive amount of debt in terms of what they have sacrificed against imperialism, for socialism and in support of our struggles across the world.

And, has to be said, a nice follow up to the successful nuclear test by the DPRK, which ensures along with the mass support for the leadership and support from the GlobalSouth, especially China, the independence and longevity of this system and country.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Rodman said after the game that "although relations between the two countries are regrettable, personally I am a friend of Marshal Kim Jong Un and the DPRK people."

PYONGYANG, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)'s top leader Kim Jong Un and former NBA star Dennis Rodman sat together and watched a basketball game between U.S. and DPRK players Thursday, witnesses said.

The competition ended in a 110-110 draw, with 12 DPRK players and four players from the U.S. team Harlem Globetrotters divided into two teams.

Rodman said after the game that "although relations between the two countries are regrettable, personally I am a friend of Marshal Kim Jong Un and the DPRK people."

He thanked the DPRK for inviting the U.S. players and himself for the visit, noting the game reflected the friendship between the two peoples.

During the match, Rodman, who wore dark glasses and a hat, sat to the left of Kim Jong Un. Without any translators, the two talked directly to each other and laughed, witnesses said.

DPRK cheerleaders wearing traditional clothes and miniskirts performed during the intermission of the game. After the game, a DPRK university presented a banner to the Harlem Globetrotters.

College students and Pyongyang citizens, as well as foreign diplomats and representatives from international organizations were invited to watch the game.

Foreign journalists were not invited to cover the U.S. delegation's trip, but local media have given timely coverage of the visit that started on Tuesday.

Rodman will depart earlier than other delegation members, who are scheduled to visit Panmunjom on the border with South Korea before leaving on March 5th.

The Harlem team said the DPRK was their 122nd visiting stop, after the invitation from the DPRK Sports Ministry came to them one month ago.

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