Thursday, 14 February 2013

Public event in London Fri 15th March: ANTI-WAR RETROSPECTIVE OF THE LAST DECADE

Ten years since the invasion of Iraq, what is the state of the anti-war movement?

Friday, March 15, 2013
6:00pm until 10:00pm

Venue: Goldmsmiths Uni, 137a Richard Hoggart Building (137a is in the Kingsway Corridor),
New Cross
SE14 6NW

This is the first event of the TriContinental Anti-Imperialist Platform* in england.

This is the only Global South diaspora / Black and Brown-led Anti-Imperialist event of this kind in this country, with leading resistant voices from Global South countries that under attack by imperialism.


Riad El-Taher - Iraqi patriot, worked in the hydrocarbons industry in Iraq and Libya, and a prominent campaigner against war and sanctions on Iraq

Dr Abdal Aziz - Libyan patriot and human rights activist

Ammar Waqqaf - Syrian patriot, and frequent commentator on bbc, al-jazeera etc, and member of the Syrian Social Club

Dr Saeb Shaath - Former diplomat, head of the Palestinian General Delegation to Ireland until 2002, author and political activist

Hafsa Kara - Algerian patriot, journalist and political analyst

Arzu Merali - One of england's foremost Muslim women activists, writer and founder of the Islamic Human Rights Commission

Sukant Chandan - Chair

We will be reflecting on the failures, successes of the anti-war movement of the last decade, and the continuing challenges of the anti-war movement, especially in the light of the collapse of the anti-war movement especially in relation to the nato war on Libya, now Syria, Mali, Algeria and open imperialist war strategies of in relation to China, Russia ("pivot to Asia") and other sections of the Global South which what passes as the anti-war movement in england fails utterly to address.

*This event is the first event of the the new TriContinental Anti-Imperialist Platform (TAIP), which is britain's only Global South-led Black & Brown-led anti-imperialist organisation. website and futher information will be imminently publicised. For more details please contact:

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