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India plays the brits very nicely 
Observations on the current british imperialist delegation to India

Sukant Chandan,
Sons of Malcolm
19 feb 2013

Some interesting notes from the british white power structures 'economist' magazine. It clearly points to the fundamentally changing relationship of India as a former colony of the brits, now increasingly and despite all the internal and violent contradictions of India is turning the tables on the relationship in as much that it is increasingly in the driving seat of the relationship with the former colonial 'masters'. This is in line with the general world trend which is now seeing vast areas of the GlobalSouth, if not the majority areas, seeing continuous annual economic growth, and massive poverty reduction (India of course is seriously lagging behind China and 'Latin' America in this regard) while the 'west' are suffering all kids of economic crises and the growing social malaise that goes hand in hand.

"... Yet India’s affinity with Britain is not deep. Indian tycoons have houses in London, but send their children to study in America. Nor is it evident among most politicians, as Mr Cameron discovered. Neither Sonia Gandhi, the power behind India’s coalition government, nor her son and probable heir, Rahul, was available to meet him in Delhi. Their steward, India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh, was available, but unforthcoming. Mr Cameron is still no closer to realising his dream of a new special relationship—India does not, in fact, go in for such arrangements. Nor, despite the naive hopes expressed by some in the prime minister’s party, will it offer special breaks for British business.

"There have been setbacks, too. Mr Cameron’s efforts to curb immigration to Britain has led to a slump in applications for student visas from India and offended its government. The Tory party’s rowdy Euroscepticism has also done damage. Shyam Saran, formerly India’s top diplomat, notes that many Indian businesses are chiefly interested in Britain as a potential conduit to Europe. Like Britons, they are no longer sure whether it will stay in the EU. “There is a lot of confusion in India,” he says. “Should we look at the British-Indian relationship as a bilateral?”

"Britain had better hope not: it needs all the diplomatic ballast it can get in its dealings with India. The former jewel in its imperial crown considers, probably rightly, that Britain needs India a lot more than it needs Britain. To his credit, Mr Cameron is the first British prime minister to have registered that important truth." (source)

As I have mentioned for many years, especially since the GlobalSouth was caught sleeping on the nato war on Libya, the GlobalSouth is in a very strong position in relation to white imperialism. Yes, it is true we are still at least two decades from any one country of the GlobalSouth being able to match the imperialists with conventional weapons, but the way in which the imperialists are grovelling to India and China and the other stronger GlobalSouth 'emerging' (of course they have not emerged, unless we admit they 'emerged' onto the world many centuries and millennia before europe did!) countries of ours.

The GlobalSouth leadership despite stupidities here and there, are actually quite wiley and wise and to the inter-generational struggle they are ALL engaged in, in relation to imperialism, the Indian ruling class, apart from utter compradors and the crazy nutters who would love imperialism but pretend to be 'nationalistic' of the 'Hindu' right and far right, are well aware that imperialism will never really be happy until either India and South Asia and Asia is destroyed, or until Asian countries become lackeys as they were under formal colonialism. The latter eventuality is unlikely to happen, despite imperialism's on going attempts to pit Asians against Asians as especially the case with India and Pakistan and India versus China, so the imperialists are building up to smashing ALL opposition everywhere in the world: better to divide and destroy a la Libya, Iraq, Mali, Mexico etc, than allow these pesky Black and Brown upstarts who are can longer be bought out to actually build up their nations in the face of imperialist resistance.

And if cameron's begging to us Asians/GlobalSouth peoples in India was not enough to be amused about, Indian prime minister made sure he gave the brits a good public talking at the joint pres conference with cameron to on the question of corruption, the brits finance capital newspaper of choice - the financial times - called it "awkward" and "spiky":

"At a press conference after his meeting with Mr Cameron, Mr Singh said he had "conveyed to the prime minister our very serious concerns regarding allegations about unethical means used in securing the 2010 contract for AgustaWestland helicopters.

""I told him that we have sought an explanation from the company by 22 February to examine if the contractual conditions on unethical practices and the integrity pact have been violated."" (source)

I have written on Sons of Malcolm many a time charting the growing tensions between India and the brits, such as here, the white imperialists love to lecture our nations on the corruption that undoubtedly does exist in our nations, like it does everywhere else, but it is great to see India giving a taste of that medicine back to the devilish brits. India suffers from corruption from the very large scale to the very small, but as Louis Farrakhan explained in a way no one else has on the issue, the white imperialists are actually the biggest fraudsters and liars in all of history in scale, underhandedness and the level of their corruption leaves ours looking like peanuts. Although this is not to say that India must not fight against corruption in a pro-people and anti-imperialist framework, it should, and it should look to China as to the comparatively lesser manifestation of corruption and the straight and no nonsense approach that the Chinese have to corruption in middle and senior levels of the ruling party and government.

India has raised the issue of british corruption in relation to an arms deal, and on the side of the brits, they are desperate that us Indians change our switch to a major french deal to replace the british one:

"The Indian government has threatened to cancel the AgustaWestland contract, worth $560m, and is preparing to return three of the aircraft already supplied." (source)

India of course knows just how much of a precarious situation the brits are militarily and economically, so the Indian government has used this situation to criticise cameron on his white supremacist rhetoric on immigration, with cameron very quickly assuring that more visas will be given to Indian students in the past weeks, while also going on about how britain cannot be a "soft touch on immigration", such white supremacist rhetoric is of course totally echoed by the imperialist labour party too. cameron's flip flopping on immigration this last week has raised some eye brows amongst the british white power structure, indicative again of the desperado nature of the brits in trying to get China and India to bail them out of their capitalist-imperialist crisis, when they are not joining in with the french and yanks and their historical protectorates in the gulf to destroy the MENA region, especially Syria, Libya, Mali, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria now on the cards.

All in all I think it has been interesting to observe how the India government have played cameron and the brits during the India visit. They have shown minimal slavishness in relation to the brits, actually they have taken advantage of the growing intensity of inter-imperialist rivalry between the french and the brits on the level of the arms industry, which is the single most important industry for white imperialism, to gain strategic advantages and diplomatic pressure in the interests of India. Of course the brits will be gently twisting the Indian's arms on the issue of ceasing defying imperialist sanctions on Iran, and also trying to get India to play imperialist ball on Sri Lanka to try and ensure Sri Lanka's policy of growing strategic alliance with China ceases. Despite the contradictions, India seems to be building up its own self-esteem and self-confidence. The two fundamental things that Indians, South Asians and Asian in general and the GlobalSouth needs is for India and China to enter into a win-win strategic partnership, and for India internally (while keeping all imperialist meddling totally out of our affairs) to turn towards a policy of poverty reduction and wealth redistribution.

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