Saturday, 23 February 2013


Be it China or the Global South: Unity and Assertiveness is the only Survival Strategy in relation to imperialism

Sukant Chandan, 
Sons of Malcolm
23 feb 2013

"China has more leverage than Britain has in their bilateral relations. China cultivating more contacts with separatists in Northern Ireland and Scotland would make London quite uncomfortable. China's GDP is close to that of Germany's, France's and Britain's combined. If Britain and China start competing over who can be tougher against the other, can Britain be the winner? " (Chinese state media - Global Times)

I have been advocating for many years now that the Global South is in the strongest position it has ever been in historically vis-a-vis imperialism, and that a little bit of unity of purpose between the GlobalSouth powers, especially China and Russia, with the addition of India and some African and 'latin' American countries would tip the historical curren in favour of a foreseeable end to imperialist domination of the planet on all levels. I have been arguing for many years that the only viable survival approach of the GlobalSouth, in terms of stopping the destruction of our peoples, nature, nations and regions, is coming together to push imperialism back.

Some might dismiss this analysis as unrealistic and also this has been attacked as unrealistic, it is attacked as a political position of the world revolution personified by people like Malcolm X and Che Guevara that we  left back in the 1960s and 1970s. However Chinese state media has just published an article that is basically promoting exactly this position that in an open confrontation with imperialism, that China has a lot of potential to win the battle or even greater war of defence and liberation against imperialist aggression that it has been facing non stop for centuries and especially since China became independent and socialist in 1949.

It is important to note that the China has decided to state this directly in english language media, which is a clear indication that they want the english-speaking imperialists to know that, an in quoting the title of the article, "Showing toughness a pointless game" with the Chinese.

Although the Chinese masses and large sections of the Chinese ruling Communist Party, Peoples Liberation Army, and academic circles are militantly anti-imperialist socialists, the Chinese approach since the end of the leadership era of Mao Tse Tung has been to play their strategy without bluster and shouting, so once again, such an opinion piece in the Chinese state Global Times on-line magazine, is another indicator of the growing confidence and power of the more assertive sections in Chinese society. At the same time analysing the full article, the Chinese are giving a warning rather threatening, in stating to the brits: calm down you silly little white fools who are anyway about to fall off the precipice of history.

Although we could see further reversals for the Global South and relative failures of the Chinese and Russians as in the case of the nato attack on Libya (and also from the Arab sting/spring operation of imperialism), one does feel that our side has learnt some hard lessons from that sorry episode, and we are getting our momentum back in the face of continued offensives from imperialism. As long as imperialism exists, imperialism cannot but relate to us as a continued and escalating offensive, but our side is preparing all the time, and the present Syrian situation shows (although of course things are not 100% sure in the Syrian case) that if our side can be united while playing slightly different roles, our allied peoples and nations do not have to be victims to imperialist onslaughts.

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