Sunday, 17 February 2013


Interesting that this gets through to an english-language opinion piece in Global Times. China has no reason to share these internal thoughts with the english-speaking world, which indicates that these views are widespread in China at all levels of community and governance and the Communist Party, and that they are confident about these issues to let the world know, especially the imperialist world.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Doubts over income distribution reform must be dispelled


China should narrow the income distribution gap to promote a fair society. Reforms to income distribution system represent an arduous undertaking. There are many differences in people's understanding of what this entails. It is very important for us to overcome these differences and reach a consensus.

We should firmly understand the urgency of narrowing the income gap and establishing social justice. The development of society should not hinder attempts to narrow the income gap. The principle of distribution according to work should be defended, but monopolies should be broken and excessively high incomes need to be adjusted.


Many people's discontent is not only aimed at the income distribution system, but also targets high housing prices and other problems. These require long-term efforts to solve. China cannot be an idealistically "fair country." The variability of the market economy means development cannot be perfectly evenly spread. However, all of these factors need to be judged against the background that China is a socialist country and common prosperity is the fundamental social ideal in China. China should have the capability to suppress unfairness.

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