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Our Algerian heroes - special forces of the Algerian army

"They [Algeria] care deeply about their sovereign rights," (european diplomat)

How reading imperialist press shows us that Algeria is a proud resistant anti-imperialist state

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
22 Jan 2013

I have been shifting through a few dozen articles from various brit and yankee imperialist press on the recent events in Algeria. These articles have been mostly the wall street journal, financial times and the new york times (all quotes from the media cited with hyperlinks). I would like to share with readers of Sons of Malcolm what these news clippings shows us about the general relations between imperialism and FLN Algeria as one of the last few remaining independent and left nationalist states on the African continent.

There has been murmurings from those who might call themselves anti-imperialists or critical of western foriegn policy that Algeria is not a left nationalist anti-imperialist state. Some of our thinking and vigilant people are searching out the answers to the question: is Algeria some kind of client state with france and imperialism due to its economic and security cooperation on some levels with france, and even the usa?

What has confused matters greatly has been Algeria allowing its airspace for french planes in their operation against Mali, this is a complex issue which I am not going to exhaust here. However, one has to keep in mind that Algeria has to play the most clever game it can with the imperialist devils. The decision to go into Mali was taken by united nations security council 2085, if Algeria refused to allow their airspace to france, what would be the consequences to Algeria? They would not be good, however I am not at all arguing Algeria should have allowed france to do so, but I will defend their right to have done so even if I disagree with it, and disagreeing with it do the vast majority of the Algerian people including sections of the ruling party and army, but taking this decision does not turn Algeria into anything other than it is: a non-aligned anti-imperialist state with a very much alive and kicking left nationalist strategy for itself and towards the world.

I am not going to write a thorough expose of how FLN Algeria ever since it came to power in 1961 after the Great War of National Liberation of Mujahids and the Masses against french colonial settlerism, is a solidly anti-imperialist state, that is has always sided with the world anti-imperialist states, especially close with Cuba, China, Vietnam, Korea etc, rather I will use the voice of imperialism itself to explore some of these issues.

In so doing, my hope is that those who are honest and committed to fighting against imperialism for the liberation and people-centred development of our people, in this case Algerians, will proceed in the direction of closing ranks with FLN Algeria as a proud resistant country in these times of obvious nato war plans against it.

imperialism is a world system of escalating exploitation and war against the whole GlobalSouth, and right now it is obvious that after Libya, Syria and Mali, that they want to destroy, a la nato operation on Libya, the FLN Algerian state.

I cannot stress enough to readers that they should read THIS PIECE by myself exploring the financial times comments which exposes more than any other article some of the most important strategic war plans against Algeria by imperialism.

imperialist annoyance Algeria's independent action on hostage crisis

A glaringly obvious point to make in light of the dynamics between Algeria and imperialism in the Al Amenas gas plant hostage crisis is that if Algeria was a puppet or client state in any way with imperialism it would be highly unlikely to take unilateral  ie., independent action on this issue.

Even more so as this gas field is the biggest and most important field in all of Algeria, and gas more than oil is the fundamental mainstay of the Algerian economy; it is run by the Algerian state hydrocarbons company Sonatrach but in partnership with norwegian statoil and the brits bp.

Considering the gas plant is of such importance and is run by a few european junior partners with the Algerians, one would think if there was any element of slavishness and inferiority complex in the Algerian state that they would go well out of their way to ensure that the imperialists were in the loop, involved and content and happy with any military operation against the death squads who took over the plant. Nothing of the sort happened, and so we come to the evidence in the imperialist press.

Here the financial times here mentions something which is obvious across the imperialist media, that the FLN Algerian Army approach is one that imperialism is very unhappy with:

He [Algerian communications minister, Mohand Belaid Oussaid] ended by saying: “In the face of terrorism, yesterday, today and tomorrow, there will be no negotiations, no blackmail.”

It was the same ruthless approach to Islamist militancy Algiers has adopted since it crushed a rebellion in a civil war that left 200,000 dead. [I have been told this is a grossly exaggerated figure, serving once again to criminalise the Algerian state, the figure is more like 45,000 - Sukant] “That’s the Algerian government’s modus operandi going back to the 1990s,” said Aaron Zelin, an expert on Islamic militants at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “It’s perhaps not the way western countries would want to do it.”

More criticisms of Algeria in this ft article:

"Jens Stoltenberg, the Norwegian prime minister, said nine Norwegians remained unaccounted for. While he said he would have preferred to see the Algerians exercise restraint militarily, Mr Stoltenberg stopped short of criticising the operation."

One has to always go beyond the diplomatic speak amd understand "stopping short" of criticism means actually they are quite annoyed about the whole situation but the situation is delicate enough for them and they are sly enough to state it in any more strident terms.

From the yankee side of things, jay carney, white housre press spokeperson quoted here wouldnt confirm or not that the yanks were told before hand, because obviously they were not told so:

"Mr. Carney wouldn't say whether the U.S. offered to help the Algerians, or whether the Algerians consulted Washington before the raid."

Again, this obviously means that the yanks were not consulted by the Algerians prior to the launching of the successful operation to reclaim the gas field from the death sqaud.

But some of the most explicit criticism came from brit prime minister cameron in this piece:

"Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain said his office had not been told ahead of time, an implicit criticism of the Algerian government. A spokesman said that Mr. Cameron had learned of the raid through Britain's own intelligence sources and that "the Algerians are aware that we would have preferred to have been consulted in advance.""

It is of no particular surprise that it is the brits who are most overly active in their neo-colonial attitude, as we all remember how overly enthusiastic they were more than any other imperialist power in the nato campaign on Libya, how brit foreign minister wiliam hague led the international propaganda charge against Libya with his infamous claim which was an obvious lie that "Gaddafi has fled to Venezuela" on the first day of the pro-nato death squad rebellion in Libya.

So what would have imperialism preferred from Algeria in light of their criticisms? According to another imperialist media source:

"Security experts said Algerian authorities may now need to rethink the way security is handled, allowing more foreign involvement in the process." [...] "Several Western officials complained that the Algerians appeared to have taken none of the usual care exercised to minimize casualties when trying to free hostages." [...] "They care deeply about their sovereign rights," said the European diplomat, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the matter's delicacy."

More arrogant colonial-speak from the imperialist press, there is no sign whatsoever that the Algerians would want "more foreign involvement" in the security strategy, rather the whole Algerian Army operation points to the Algerians clearly saying to imperialism: we are an independent nation, we will take our decisions in our own time without consulting you, and we will deliver this operation no matter what the consequences to your own nationals are, and if this means some of your people are collateral in the process, then so be it, its not only the people of the GlobalSouth who suffer being "collateral" in their millions as a result of your imperialist adventures, it can cut both ways.

This issue of collateral cutting both ways is what I had raised several days ago here, and something which robert fisk mentioned the following day here. Obviously if a Black or Brown person of the Global South says such a thing, it becomes very controversial, but if a slippery opportunist career journalist of the western white world says it, it is suddenly a very interesting thing to reflect on.

"One of the world’s most fraught postcolonial relationships": Algeria - france

This piece states france and Algeria have one of the "most fraught" post-colonial dynamics, hardly the relationship of a client state, but the article also goes into a little of what the french are actually after in Algeria. What is france salivating over in terms of re-conquering Algeria? 

"François Hollande lands in Algeria on Wednesday to try to smooth one of the world’s most fraught postcolonial relationships and solicit help in tackling France’s economic crisis and dangerous instability in Mali, another former French colony." [..] "“There is a big financial crisis in Europe and especially in France, and he is coming here to find economic solutions,” [..] “France, like many other European countries, is on the verge of bankruptcy and they need our help to boost their economy, and that’s what Mr Hollande’s visit is going to be about.” [..] Along with a troupe of ministers, the president is bringing a group of 40 top executives from France’s big companies, hoping to reverse a trend in which Algeria’s growing ties with countries including China, Germany, Italy and Spain have threatened France’s position as biggest trade partner."

This quote neatly sums up many though not all of the dynamics at play between imperialism (france in this case) and Algeria. It clearly states that the two countries have one of the most difficult relationships between any two colonised and coloniser countries in the world, ie., Algeria is a defiant stand-up tall Global South country; that due to the world imperialist-capitalist crisis that this is pushing imperialism into deeper crisis and therefore more desperate moves to war by all means against Global South countries and that they are very concerned that China, along with Russia the biggest and most effective anti-imperialist countries in the world, are getting an increasing strategic partnership with those countries that imperialism feels are basically still rightfully their colonies, as in the case of Algeria.

Combine this with the financial times piece which is the single most important piece exposing imperialist attitudes and designs on Algeria of late, with the bemoaning of the "tough fiscal terms and the bullying behaviour of Sonatrach, the state-run energy group, which has a stake in most oil and gas ventures." and protesting Algeria's "resource nationalism", you clearly see that we are increasingly seeing a historical showdown between imperialism and one of Africa's last bastions of anti-imperialist independence and high (actually now the highest since the Libyan Jamahirya is no more) social indexes for its masses.

It is high time all people who oppose imperialism and support the rights of our peoples in the Global South to step up their defence of the Algerian state.

Everyone to close ranks with and defend the FLN Algerian state and Army.

For the defeat of imperialist designs on Algeria.

Unite or perish! 

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