Thursday, 10 January 2013


Where are those scum now who championed this nato putsch from Feb 2011 as a "revolution"? Total silence. They have been proved wrong by Gaddafi who said this would happen back in Feb 2011. They hae been proved by history to be the tools and slaves of the white devils in nato.

502 murders in 2012? How about over 50,000 killed by nato n six months in 2011? Sorry, that was "liberation".

There is no actual 'ministry of the interior', there is no government in Libya, no law, the country is a patch work of death squads unleashed by nato in Feb 2011. I am not in any way giving any credit to the media organisation of this news source, quite the opposite.

God willing, one day Libyan tribes will be united under the banner of Pan-Africanism, Islamic Socialism, Pan-Arabism, independence and anti-imperialism, inspired by the trail blazed by Muammar Gaddafi for 42 years. 

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Murder Rate up 500% in Libya


According to the Ministry of the Interior, crime has soared in Libya in the past year.

The number of murders has risen from 87 in 2010 to 525 in 2012, it had reported on its official Facebook page. This represents an increase of 503 percent.

Similarly, thefts from shops and offices over the same period have risen from 143 to 783 — a 448-percent increase. Thefts from private homes have gone up from 1,842 to 2,387 — a 30-percent increase.

The figures underline the lack of security across the country since the revolution. Reports of thefts, particularly car-jackings are common, with people even being killed for resisting.  Even so, the level of murders is likely to surprise many.

Qaddafi released some 15,000 prisoners before the liberation of Tripoli and many have not been recaptured.

Commenting on the rise, the Ministry’s official spokeman, Madgi Al-Urfi said that it ws hoped that crime rates 2013 would be far below these levels.

“We deeply belief that we in Libya are in desperate need of reorganisation and re-construction by way of appointing a single security authority that is built on asound and solid foundation,” he was quoted as saying.

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