Sunday, 23 December 2012


Excellent words from the leader of Lebanese Hizbullah, and one of the greatest Arab anti-imperialist leaders ever.

He makes very important points here in relation to Syria.

Nasrallah makes clear that it is rather disengenous to talk of the 'people of Syria' as only those who are in the nato-backed opposition, that those who support the Baathist government, arguably by most accounts a majority of the people of Syria, are also: people!

He then makes one of the most important points for anti-imperialists to grasp, that the current situation in Syria is the status that white imperialism and its regional allies want. This is the perfect way to destroy forces and sap the unity and stability of Syria, to destabilise Lebanon and others countries, and to bog down the Arabs and Muslims in a dirty way against each other rather than uniting against the common enemy of imperialism and zionism (both white supremacist entities).

Nasrallah also makes it clear that Al-Qaeda are being manipulated by imperialism's interests, and furthermore, that these groups in Syria are bringing a intensely sickening and horrific trajectory to that country, just as they have in every other country that have had or have a presence.

Great points from Nasrallah that everyone might do well to spend some time to reflect on. One has to say, shame he did not take the same analysis of the situation in Libya which was near identical to that of Syria, Libya remains a counterrevolutionary base after the fall of Gaddafi organised exactly against Hizbullah, Syria and Iran.

But perhaps all our allies and ourselves fall for imperialism's tricks now and again, and that despite however grave the mistake, despite those brave and good people who have suffered, that we have lost and continue to suffer losses in Libya, this does not turn our allies into hostile parties despite how hard making the intelligent decision it is. Of course, if I was an anti-imperialist Libyan who would be lucky enough to be alive today in Libya, I might feel differently, which does not make it right to have that position, but it is understandable.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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