Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I have all kinds of differences with Tariq Ramadan, but he has shown himself to be a thinker in 'political Islam' who cannot be bought by any regime or state. He is an independent and critical thinker, and at a time when so many are throwing themselves into the arms of the gulf monarchies and nato, it is refreshing!

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


To speak about people starting to be on the streets and changing everything with no influence and nothing done beforehand – this is simplistic and dangerously naive. We have bloggers and cyber dissidents who trained, even in the West, to push towards this. There is a clear will coming from Western countries to change dictator regimes. That is clear.

To see that everything was under control and coming from the West – this is going too far.
We’ve got to take not the political but economical side of the story. For the Americans, as well as Europeans – they needed change in the regimes in order to keep the markets. 

We have now many new actors on the markets that are threatening monopoly of relationship between the Middle East and Northern Africa – and the West. They are China, India, Russia, South Africa and Latin American countries, add to this one Turkey.

I’m not saying it’s a big conspiracy. I say now we’re going to see if people on the streets are able to go towards true democracy processes.

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Some people say that he might be Qatar financed