Thursday, 15 November 2012


Introduction - Problematics of enemy infiltration in radical and anti-imperialist circles

Sukant Chandan,
Sons of Malcolm
15 Nov 2012

The post 1991 era has been politically defined by a collapse of revolutionary ideologies, movements and countries which gave leadership to the resistant-oppressed peoples of the GlobalSouth. The revolutionary ideologies that defined the previous decades of Maosim, African Socialism, Pan-Africanism, varying forms of Marxism manifested in the national liberation and socialist struggles, and many Left and anti-imperialist Nationalist ideologies have all suffered major set backs and are not in the mass conciousness any longer.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and white imperialism wastes no time in filling the vacuum left by this historic defeat. white imperialism has filled this vacuum with all kinds of divisive and reactionary ideologies, from the quasi-far-right ideologies of david icke and the complex matrix of white middle class right-wing conspiracy nutters, to reactionary cultural nationalisms promoted by imperialism to ensure the nations, ethnicities, and regions of the GlobalSouth do not find common cause against our common enemy of european/'western' white imperialism.

This article below shows one example of how our enemies intel services operates. What seems to be a radical or progressive website turns out to be run by africom, the military command for Africa of the yanks.

This is but a more blatant form of infiltration that is going on. twitter and facebook and the internet are ideal forums for white imperialism to infiltrate our ranks and fill our youth with anything but anti-imperialist liberation ideology whose traditions lie in our previous struggles and ideologies of the GlobalSouth.

Brother Roshan Muhammed Salih has written this important article on the subject of imperialist infiltration and spying in our ranks or more specifically in the english Muslim community.

The nature and level of infiltration varies, but the bottom line is that if people and organisations are not opposing white imperialism then they are working for white imperialism even if they are not in a formalised or structured relationship with the enemy.

But whenever secret papers come out generations after the period, history shows that enemy infiltration is very extensive, showing 30-50% of activists in some organisations and networks have some kind of collaborating relationship with the enemy.

enemy infiltration has become complex and multifaceted which needs to be exposed and analysed.

But as I said, the bottom line is that if people or organisations are not taking a consistently clear line against white imperialist policies, and not advocating unifying ideologies of the GlobalSouth, then there is something dodgy.

Know your enemy, know your allies and friends.

Revealed: U.S. Military Admits Running Propaganda ‘News’ Sites in Africa

[source] looks, at first glance, like an African news website. It has what appear to be authentic news stories, as well as a glossy design. But as it turns out, the site isn’t run by African journalists. It’s run by the U.S. military.

Sabahionline is one of several African propaganda news sites set up by the U.S. military’s AFRICOM operation, designed to make African readers more friendly to U.S. policies. The operation is also designed to counter Islamic extremists in Somalia and elsewhere.

Omar Faruk Osman, the secretary general of the National Union of Somali Journalists, said Sabahi is the first website of it’s kind that he’s seen.

“We have seen portal services by al-Shabab for hate and for propaganda, for spreading violence. We are used to seeing that. In contrast we have not seen such news sites before. So it is something completely unique,” Osman said.

 The U.S. government and military say the purpose of the fake sites are to counter extremism “by offering accurate, balanced and forward-looking coverage of developments in the region.”

The U.S. military’s African news sites report news with an anti-terror slant.

“The Internet is a big place, and we are one of many websites out there. Our site aims to provide a moderate voice in contrast to the numerous violent extremist websites,” wrote the creators of the site in a statement from AFRICOM.

The site averages 4,000 unique visitors per day.

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