Wednesday, 7 November 2012


OBAMA: Four yrs plus ago I defended Obama on two planks: 

1 - I thought the rise of Obama was positively an indicator that the yankee white imperialism was resigning itself and trying more or less to accept in some way the rise and power of the GlobalSouth (China, Russia, SCO, Asean, Alba, Bric, Basic etc)

2 - I thought the rise of Obama was an indicator positively (however (problematic) to the 
rise of Black, 'Latino' and Asian power in the usa (which is *the* basis for revolutionary progressive change there), and a bulwark against the mass white supremacy of the republicans/tea party/growth of white militias etc.


Obama is the perfect branding for another four years of white imperialist escalating offensives against the peoples of the GlobalSouth; Obama is the perfect branding in a period of deepening and the biggest crisis facing white financial capital ever.

The white imperialists are using Obama, and Obama is allowing himself to be used for the recolonisation of Africa (Libya and Africom etc), and growing hostilities with Russia&China etc.

I think in general the election game is a distraction and divergence from the necessity of building effective militant internationalism with our Homelands in the GlobalSouth, and effective grassroots organising: the two basis of effective resistance and towards justice for us (and our ancestors), liberation and freedom.

My dream is that Obama respects his GrandDad in Kenya who was a Mau-Mau and tortured by the brits, but it seems Obama is staying loyal to his white side of his family which is more in harmony with his white imperialist masters.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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