Thursday, 15 November 2012


Interesting interview with Ali Abunimah on al-Jazeera here.

Ali rightly slaps back al-Jazeera at 02:18 when the presenter soft peddles the line that the white settler state is defending itself. Ali then uses this as a chance to make clear that Al-Jazeera is not reporting on the daily attacks by the white settler israel on Palestinian fishermen off the coast of Gaza.

The final blow Ali delivers is again correctly stating that in the response of the new 'revolutionary' regime in Cairo, to quote: "..and of course the Arab governments that do absolutely nothing. I mean is there really any difference in practice between the policies of the so-called revolutionary government in Egypt and the regime of President Mubarak? Egypt continues to maintain its relations with israel, continues to carry out basically security subcontracting for israel in the Sinai, instead we should be seeing Egypt leading the Arab world to ask what Arab countries could be doing to help Palestinians to confront israel, instead what they are doing is to figure out how to repress their own people and stay in power."

The the al-Jazeera presenter actually defends Egypt by saying that Egypt has condemned the killings and has recalled its ambassador to israel, which are moves which will do nothing to challenge Ali's correct analysis that basically Egypt is still very much collaborating with zionism and imperialism in relation to Palestine.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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