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The Significance of the Martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi
White Power sacrifice of Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba & Muammar Gaddafi

Sukant Chandan
Sons Of Malcolm
20 October 2012

One year on from the martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi, it is important that we reflect and discuss the nature of the murder of Gaddafi and its related issues and dynamics. Black and Brown peoples, comprising 92% of the word population, are frequently subjected to brutal attack, injury and murder by the western white power structure. More precisely, the non-stop promotion and propagation of this annihilation of Black and Brown resistance and peoples is a constant theme in their media, in TV, gaming, internet, film and music.

For white imperialism this is an integral and an important part of their campaign of escalating oppression and domination of the world. Their domination is only successful if our people are convinced that their resistance to this domination is futile and that actually we will meet torture and death as a result of our defiance.

Although they cannot prevent the "rise of a Black Messiah", they must show that these 'Messiahs' will be killed off without mercy, and the psychological political impact on our people, especially our youth, is that they must stay well away from resistance, or else.

Never before have we witnessed the promotion of the killing of an opponent of the 'west' as that in the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi. In modern times we have seen many of our leading and brilliant fighters being lynched and it being plastered all over the media so as to seer into our psyches that this is what we are worth, and this is our fate.

Some readers might put their own political opinions above that of understanding the mechanisms of our enemies in their psychological and actual wars against us. Some readers might not like Gaddafi so much, but might sympathise more with Osama Bin Laden, or might not like Saddam Hussein but like Che Guevara more.

Perhaps what is missing in these opinions is how our enemy - white imperialism - seeks to attack us all through the killing of these people. This does not mean one must agree with every part of these different political figures ideology, I personally am not in agreement with the ideology of Al-Qaeda, nevertheless, I understand what message against us collectively our enemy is conveying when they killed Zarqawi or Bin Laden; these political figures are in many ways manufactured by our enemy, but the way they are promoted and demonised in the media is done to attack all resistance.

The way Al-Qaeda has been initiated, manipulated, directed, promoted and demonised all by the same white imperialists, is a complex relationship that requires its own articles and analysis. The main point to make is that those seeking to liberate our peoples should not fall for sectarian and divisive political positions as a result of the enemy's tricks, but with vigilance constantly oppose the enemy's agenda against us.

The martyred body of Muammar Gaddafi reminds one of previous lynchings of our leading liberation figures such as Patrice Lumumba. Lumumba's fate was partially sealed when in front of the former belgian colonisers and the king of belgium he defiantly corrected the belgian prince that independence for the Congo was won through the efforts of African revolutionaries and not by the kindness of the colonisers. This can be paralleled with Gaddafi's defiance when he was chair of the united nations when he made one of the most revolutionary and militant speeches ever heard in recent times whereby he demanded over $700 billion reparations to Africa from the former colonisers and denouncing the united nations security council as the 'council for state terrorism'.

Gaddafi was too honest, too militant, too internationalist a 'third world' leader to be allowed to get away with giving such leadership to the masses of the Global South and Africa in particular.

Lumumba, like Gaddafi, was captured by death squads working for white imperialism but not white themselves, who paraded and murdered Lumumba as a lesson to the Congolese and their friends across the world.

Che Guevara was perhaps the greatest exponent of concrete and effective victory-oriented militant internationalism. He sought to build the broadest but most militant international front against white imperialism. He fought in Congo, Cuba, Bolivia and was one of our greatest internationalist symbols. Once our enemy got their hands on him, he was similarly executed and paraded for the world to see that this is the fate of someone who defies the empire. Again, it was not white hands that did the dirty work of murdering him.

At a time of intense political hysteria and repression, Malcolm X confidently defied this atmosphere of intimidation of the usa state and white supremacy and openly celebrated all resistance across the world against the western white power structure. Malcolm X travelled the world in his latter life and made concrete links and cause with the liberation movements across the three southern continents but especially in Africa, the Arab and Middle East regions. He advocated that the struggle in north America for Black Liberation is one and the same revolutionary struggle with that of the countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. One of the primary reasons Malcolm X died was that he was making successes in linking up international friends and allies with that of the Black Liberation Movement in the usa. He was the personification of the bridge between the homelands and the diaspora. This was too much for white imperialism, so they ensured that Malcolm X was killed in public, and, again, by hands that were not white. The role of the sell out is a constant in these actions of the white power structure.

"Every brother ain't a brother / 'cause a Black hand squeezed on Malcolm X the man / the shootin of Huey Newton / from the hand of N** who pulled the trigger"
- Chuck D, from rap group Public Enemy, lyrics from Welcome to the Terrordome

They say the pen is stronger than the sword,
But the sword'll give any house n**** his just reward
- P-Dog, from rap group Paris, lyrics from Sleeping with the Enemy

One article or book cannot do justice to what Muammar Gaddaf achieved for the Libyan people since his revolution of just over forty years ago on 1st September 1969; for that which he achieved for Africa and the Arab world and Middle East; and for that which he achieved and was further planning for the international struggle against imperialism. Libya became the most developed and prosperous country collectively for all the people; Gaddafi supported the Pan-Africanism like no one since the great Kwame Nkrumah; for what he was achieving in assisting and helping the Black and Brown masses within the imperialist heartlands of the west.

These accomplishments are without comparison from any other anti-imperialist leader, especially on the arena of international struggle. Gaddafi supported our movements across the world much more than any other leader ever did. On a grassroots level he supported movements from the Native American movement, to the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party and the Nation of Islam, from the Irish freedom fighters of the Irish Republican Army (supplying them with weapons to fight on for another century), to the Black Revolution in Azania/South Africa to the Native people of Australia. On a state level, his support for Chavez and Morales is well documented, from Pakistan, Iran (who unfortunately did not reciprocate the support Gaddafi gave to them), to India and many other countries.

The common themes between Che, Malcolm X and Gaddafi are that they were successfully developing the international united front of struggle. The other common theme is that the hands of internal enemies that murdered them all. And finally the nature of their horrific deaths is paraded as a lesson to our peoples in the media.

In the last generation our youth have witnessed many a brutal killing of symbols of resistance and defiance of the Global South. The execution of Saddam Hussein which despite whatever one thinks of him showed him to be a man who stares death in the face with total dignity and courage. Although he was not killed as dramatically, Yasser Arafat's departure from his beloved homeland having been most likely poisoned and holed up in his headquarters in Ramallah was a very sad day for the Palestinian Revolution, which has suffered terribly since his departure.

The non-stop maiming and injury and death of our elderly, men, women and children in Palestine, Lebanon, across Africa especially in DR Congo, in Iraq and Afghanistan while white soldiers injury and death is never shown is a clear and straight forward message that one group of people are less than human, and another are the super race. Few of us seriously address the damaging psychological impact this reality and the broadcasting of the plight of our people in the white media has on ourselves and on our youth especially.

With the changing situation with the rise of the Global South, one would have thought that once nato aggresses another one of our countries after Iraq, that we would be able to withstand and fight it back. One would have hoped that not another generation of our children would be subjected to the trauma of seeing a leader of our homelands being lynched by the work of the white man. Libya proved that this sentiment was totally and devastatingly misplaced, and the world witnessed the greatest most barbaric promotion of the killing of one of our greatest in the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi.

To this day the white imperialist media and their allies present the torture and murder of Gaddafi has something done by Libyan rebels. As with the murder of Gaddafi as with the whole Libyan operation, it was overwhelmingly conducted by nato. Everyone who has an ounce of objectivity knows that without nato the Libyan death squads could not have lasted two days. And the death squads and their representatives, who now fill Libyan embassies around the world, understand this themselves very well.

Muammar Gaddafi was not found in any drainage tunnel, a cursory look at the alleged tunnels clearly shows that they are different tunnels. Rather than the work of the militarily useless and idiotic death squads, the murder of Gaddafi was done by a yankee drone and french airstrike, admitted by the enemy media days after the martyrdom of Gaddafi: "First, a U.S. drone strike was called in with hellfire missiles and then French warplanes launched a second strike on the convoy as it sped west along the coastal highway." (source)

The enemy has slightly changed its story, but it essentially still points to the fact that Gaddafi was bombed by nato so badly that he was immobile, gravely injured and unable to move very far: "Hours before his death, a 50-car convoy of 250 fighters, including Gaddafi and his inner circle, had tried to male a break from Sirte where they had fled from Tripoli at the end of August. Two Nato missiles forced the group to abandon the cars and run off on foot." (source)

Like Che, Lumumba, Saddam Hussein, Malcolm X: the white imperialists have to create a false impression that it was actually non-white hands that carried out the dirty deed. Indeed the whole recent 'Arab spring' nato operation on the region is a ploy and trick to make people believe that it is anyone but nato benefiting from what has been put into motion and directed by nato itself.

President Obama himself is perhaps the most well known figure that is similarly used and abused, and he seems to allow himself to be used and abused with impunity (a classic symptom of a sell out) in order for white imperialism to achieve its strategic aims in the usa and across the world and most troubling in the current recolonisation of Africa.

The footage of Gaddafi's lynching by depraved death squads was splashed on every newspaper in the west; the footage of his torture and lynching has been shown time and time again on the television. We must ask ourselves that whatever our views on Gaddafi himself that this is an attack on the resistance of our peoples, on the successful internationalism of our struggle, and on the a symbol of leadership that stands up concretely and successfully for the most oppressed and despised people on this planet: the Black masses of Africa. The lynching of Gaddafi was very similar in nature to the lynching of countless thousands of non-Libyan Black Africans and Black Libyan by 'rebel' hands since the first day of the rebellion which was evident for all to see from that time. The lynching of Gaddafi was the white man saying to s all, and especially the most oppressed Black masses: this is what we can do to you, we can celebrate it and you are without recourse to self defence or even really advocating your cause.

The first anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi's martyrdom today is an occasion of us to redouble our solidarity with each other as Global South peoples united in one common trench of struggle for our liberation against our common enemies. It is only us that can defend us on a grassroots level, and on a multilateral state and national and internationalist level. The work of Gaddafi in finally defeating imperialism, in getting our resistant nations of the Global South to support their people in the diaspora of the west, of the development of effective internationalist mutual defence pacts against imperialist terror and attack, of raising the confidence of our peoples in struggle are the main aims of Gaddafi that have been given to us by Gaddafi himself and all our ancestors as some of the main means to achieve our collective liberation. While so many show weakness, we must really prove we are not fickle people, that we stay steady and strong on our path to total liberation for the totality of all our ancestors and peoples. Developing these strategies amongst others, developing countless successful initiatives and movements is the continuation of the work of Che, Lumumba, Malcolm and Muammar Gaddafi.


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