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[Muammar Gaddafi Memorial Event in London - Sat Nov 03]

white man had to kill Gaddafi due to his Pioneering Role in Fighting White Supremacy

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

One of the things that comes straight to mind about these thoughts of Muammar Gaddafi is the uniqueness of the man in addressing the most important issue in the struggle of humanity: white supremacy. No other world leader would address the issue like Gaddafi did, and he said these kinds of comments in the period when some mistaken or foolish people claim that he 'sold out' to the west after decades of a state of war with white imperialism. If this is how a supposed 'sell-out' puts his political vision forward, then I would like to see what a leader who hasn't sold out is like for those people.

Not only is it inspiring that a leader of a country and a revolution states things like this in a time when such leadership is absent across the world, but also that it is a light skinned Arabic speaking ruler of a north African country. So many north Africans are in denial about the African-ness and many of them would balk and be disgusted by these anti-white supremacist (anti-racist) words and analysis of Gaddafi.

Gaddafi also stated by the 1990s that Arabs were historical invaders to Africa and subjugated the native Black peoples of Africa. Gaddafi then turned his back on the Arab world as he observed correctly that the Arab body politic was rife with back-stabbing and selling out to white imperialism, and put his lot in with Africa and was the pioneer of the African Union and developed many successful Pan-African projects. Again, this was another reason why white imperialism had to lynch Libya, especially with Gaddafi about to introduce to African Dinar which would gave been equivalent to gold and would have put the usa dollar into even greater financial crisis.

As importantly as the last points, Gaddafi was not a Mr Bombastic without substance like some other radical leaders in the world today: Gaddafi put his words into action for many decades and supported liberation movements against white supremacy from Australia, to Palestine, to South Africa through to the Americas, he gave more support to the world revolution that any other small nation of the Global South, although respect has to be given to countries like Algeria, DPRK ('north Korea') and a few others who also showed concrete internationalism, however the difference is that Gaddafi continued to show concrete support in the post-Soviet era right up until the war against Libya in Feb 2011, and this was one of the main reasons white imperialism had to neutralise Libya and Gaddafi.

Gaddafi makes an important point when advocating "Black supremacy" or "at least equality". Often when people read radical anti-white supremacist analysis they project white supremacy onto it which is often missing the point totally, Black supremacy as explained here and as I am positively promoting it is not about the genocide and brutality towards white people, but about bringing to power those most oppressed who are always the darkest skinned peoples across every region of the world. If we are not advocating them coming to power then we are not advocating liberation and justice, but a perpetuation of oppression as freedom only comes when the masses of the oppressed are brought to power against the white supremacists, ie., when the Black masses are brought to a supreme position in society.

Gaddafi here also states something similar to Stokely Carmichael / Kwame Ture: "...poor whites have their culture, have their values, have their institutions; ours have been completely destroyed ... completely destroyed [applause]...completely destroyed. So when you talk about alliances, you recog[nize?] [tape skip] alliances with people who are trying to rebuild their culture, trying to rebuild their history, trying to rebuild their dignity--people who are fighting for their humanity. Poor white people are not fighting for their humanity, they're fighting for more money. They're fighting ... there are a lot of poor white people in this country; you ain't seen none of them rebel yet, have you? Why is it that black people are rebelling? Do you think it's because it's just poor jobs? Don't believe the junk that honky's running down. It's not poor jobs; it's a question of a people finding their culture, their nature, and fighting for their humanity!" (1968)

Gaddafi was known to be a long time backer of Stokely/Kwame Ture's organisation the All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party. Gaddafi says a similar thing as Ture when he states: "The struggle is not taking place for social, economic or immediate political reasons, but for the historical rehabilitation of Black races."

Indeed, this is the challenge.

Muammar Gaddafi on White Supremacy
My Vision, Muammar Gaddafi with Edmund Jouve, 2005, Page 44

"When we talk about minorities, education and the press, problems which are dealt with in the first part of the Green Book, we are touching on real but neglected issues. Black races are a case in point. There is a real problem which threatens the liberty of man and is at the root of a universal crisis today. Is it enough to separate black Americans from white Americans in order to solve the problem? No! Is it enough to look down on black people and to consider the problem solved? No! This attitude leads to crisis. Should we leave Africans to live in the forests and claim that the problem has been solved? So long as Europe prospers by appropriating 75% of the raw materials of the African continent, the consequences will be disastrous. Is it enough to oppress minorities in order to think that the problem has been solved? Is repression the solution? Only a fool would think so.

"Black people constitute an oppressed category in the world. Black races have been humiliated and other hostile races have dominated them, with the result that they have been despised. Colonialism in African stems from psychological problems on the part of the colonial nations. So long as the white man looks down on the Black man, considering him as a slave and seeking to subjugate him for his own ends, so long as the white continent seeks to subjugate the Black continent, Africa is comparable to a Black slave and Europe to a white master.

"Colonialism in Africa represents an extension of racial segregation and of the unjustifiable contempt in which Black races are help by white races. There is no justification for one man to feel superiority towards another because of the colour of his skin. Black races must fight to be rehabilitated. The Green Book envisages the supremacy of the Black races in the world or, at the very least, equality with other races. At the present time, these races are forced into combat in a good number of African and American countries. Black people in the United States, for psychological reasons and as a deep-seated reaction passed on through the generations, are obliged to rise-up against those who despise and oppress Black races. The struggle is not taking place for social, economic or immediate political reasons, but for the historical rehabilitation of Black races. Black people are consumed by a feeling of visceral hatred towards those who subjugated them throughout preceding centuries. They seek vengeance. This feeling will remain and will drive Black people to revolt until they achieve rehabilitation and drive from the world this barbaric, senseless culture which isolates one man from another."

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R.I.P Muammar, its so sad that the fellow Africans for which you were working so hard to empower them sold you out to the whites...