Sunday, 7 October 2012


Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi (R) and Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr meet brit foreign secretary hague (C) at the presidential palace in Cairo September 11, 2012.

british imperialism used the Ikhwan Muslimeen - Muslim Brotherhood - right across the Muslim world in the post second world war period to contain and destabilise the successful left nationalist revolutions and states that were freeing their peoples from imperialism and developing successful socialist economies that were bettering the lives of the masses. The brits and other white imperialists have never stopped working with and negotiating with the MB to further white imperialism's interests and strategic goals, and since the nato/gulfie engineered and directed Arab spring, have generally successfully managed to develop their hegemony in the region. Will the rolling white imperialist agenda carried out by MB and 'islamist' currents supported by nato and the Gulfies stop in Syria? The progressive socialist and Arab Nationalist regime in Syria has done very well so far to withstand the onslaught, but a strategy for victory against this offensive is not apparent, and not in just the Syrian context, but in a regional one as white imperialism does not have an approach just for Syria, but has a regional and international approach. The world anti-imperialist movement as it stands has no real regional or international approach for countering and defeating white imperialism as of yet although.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


"Britain is to provide military advice to the Egyptian government to help it crack down on militants in the Sinai Peninsula who are destabilising relations with neighbouring Israel.

In his first meeting with the Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi in New York, David Cameron will announce that Britain's most senior military figure will travel to Cairo. General Sir David Richards, the chief of the defence staff, will lead a British effort that will also see a stabilisation team despatched to Egypt...."

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