Friday, 12 October 2012


Algerian policewomen graduates

Algeria has resisted the nato Arab spring clean

This is a typical piece of underhand brit white media: it is a piece to soften up the minds of the masses for a regime change agenda, to portray Algeria as a basket case which needs the west to intervene and straighten things out as they have done most violently in Libya and now in Syria.

However, even in this piece, they cannot but avoid stating a seed of truth surrounded by utter nonsense and manipulation: "A recent parliamentary election saw the highest number of women MPs win seats of anywhere in the Arab World."

The the bbc/brit white power structure would like to see what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya happen to Algeria. The truth is that with all its problems Algeria is a relatively well developed country giving its peoples free healthcare and education, and is one of the most well off countries in the whole African and Arab world.

white imperialism is constantly salivating at the mineral resources of Algeria, and is also unhappy with the non-aligned and anti-imperialist foreign policy of the Algerian government, and was hoping that Algeria would see the devastation that the 'Arab spring' has delivered to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. I have written about this many a time including here and here.

This looks unlikely to happen in Algeria, and even the white power structure media has admitted on many an occasion that they themselves and their allies will not get there way, as is stated in this piece: "...signaling confidence that it can remain unscathed by uprisings that have toppled Arab rulers elsewhere."

Important that anti-imperialists keep vigilant, white power structure will never give up on trying to recolonise Algeria, but the Algerian govt is no push over at all.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

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