Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Final moments of Chris Stevens, Us ambassador to Libya.

I raise some points about this on the Russia Today interview I just did, I dont have the time to go into all the points I made there, but yes, this *is* very dodgy, there's too many obvious things the media are just balatantly lying and twisting, here's a few:

- why wasnt the yank ambassador to Libya protected adequately in Benghazi of all places?

- why are the media saying there was a fire fight between Libyan "security" and the mob? cos what I am hearing there was minimal to no defence by Libyan 'security', and anyway, there is no such thing as a Libyan army and police

- why is the media saying (connected to the last point) that stevenson died of smoke inhalation when its quite clear he was beaten silly?

- why has the media not connected the obvious dots to this attack taking place ON THE DAY of the 11th anniversary of 911, and after Zawahiri put out the video confirming that Yahya Libi, who the yanks and brits most probably let out of Bagram base in 2005, was killed eariler this year by yankee drones in Waziristan, and that the mobs across the region were incensed by this much more than this silly film

- this silly film seems to be an obvious ploy to cover up the above, and to whip up the qaeda people to enable greater cia/mi6 directed strife across the region, and the usual strategy that nato plays with qaeda.

There's quite a lot of other points, but that will do for the time being. I'll put up my RT interview on my blog tomorrow and will share it.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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