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white Society Gleefull at Salma Yaqoob leaving George Galloway and Respect

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
28 Sept 2012

Salma Yaqoob states that she has broken away from the Respect Party due to George Galloway's comments on julian assange's rape speculation. I am uninterested about the circus around dodgy white-boy assange, Wouldn't it be better to address our peoples concerns then getting involved with someone like assange who is at best a very strange political figure who is not necessarily anything relevant to anti-imperialist politics and could easily be someone working against us, and in my opinion most probably is an agent of one or more imperialist countries.

Salma states in this white mainstream article, the only real article whereby Salma has given any further explanation as to what is going on with this current predictable political mess. Why did Salma got to the white press to criticise Galloway? If she has not seen George face to face or even spoken to him on the phone about this matter as she states in the article, why not wait to do so and see if the issue is resolvable rather than going to the enemy press?

George's comments on assange were problematic, but the style and nature of the comment was not something that would necessarily surprise anyone who knows and has worked with George, especially for Salma this is not something new, so it seems obvious that other things are going on here.

While I consider George one of the most important anti-imperialist politicians, he does and says things which I may not agree with, and I have felt it important to state that I support George when he is an anti-imperialist, but not when he takes pro-imperialist positions like that on Scotland.

I never joined the Respect Party, but gave it support from the outside, and consider it probably the best political formation in terms of political parties that we have seen in the last decade. However, it is an organisation geared to electoral politics and in so doing it has not really had the focus of movement building or putting it another way, of developing grassroots organisation of Black and Brown communities in alliance with progressive whites. This is something which is absent in england.

It seems clear from the article that Salma is batting to get into either the green party or into the labour party:

"... I'm very open about supporting, for example, members of the Green party, or members of the Labour party, who share that progressive vision [...] 'Who's championing us, who's speaking for us?' There is a vacuum there. Labour is the natural home for those people, but it needs to not take that for granted, needs to infuse [their message] not just with a negative narrative of, 'Oh, the Tories are scary and let people down,' but actually with hope."

The green party are a white middle class organisation which supported the nato bombing of Libya last year, not really good for the north African environment, and worse for the Black and patriotic people of Libya who have been lynched in their tens of thousands, all of no concern to the green party.

Salma states that the labour party is the "natural home" of working class and Black and Brown people? This is the same labour party which took us into several wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone to name a few overt wars, with many covert wars being fought in every region of the Global South by the british state under labour.

This is the same labour party which was every bit as colonial towards South Asia / undivided India, who murdered out greatest freedom fighter Shaheed E-Azam Bhagat Singh in 1931 at the age of 23. This is the same labour party who conducted vaginal examinations (labour's callaghan government) on South Asian women.

If Salma is to join these white power organisations, she should be honest enough to state their exact nature, rather than white washing them.

The fact remains that Black and Brown communities have no movement that is addressing the basic needs and concerns of our communities. While a labour government would be less visceral in its class and white racist hatred against communities in britain (although it proved in the last spat of labour governments to be more visceral in its genocidal foreign policies than the tories) than the current government, historically labour has always been forced only by means of Black and Brown power movements to respect us, and actually labour has always had a policy of co-opting our people and struggles to neuter, white wash them and turn them into their opposites.

In the bigger picture our peoples dont need people going into these useless political parties. Salma is obviously free to do what she likes, but lets be a little bit honest about the motivations and reality of these political moves.

White society is very excited that Salma has broken away from Respect and George, the white supremacist orientalism projected in the media around this issue is palpable, from left to right, from left wing websites to right-wing islamophobic websites we have white people pushing forward the narrative: 'pretty nice Muslim woman Salma Yaqoob leaves horrible misogynist George Galloway and considers coming back to where she belongs, under manners of our white power organisations like the greens and/or labour'.

It's patronising and sickening, but Salma seems to not only not to protest or reject these dynamics and representation, but seems to be happy to feed into them.

Our communities need long term, consistent, assertive and honest representation for our rights against the british white power structure. From where this will come, it is only us ourselves who can develop it, no one else will.

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