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Iran's Pre-Emptive Threat is a Sensible and Intelligent Move
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
24 Sept 2012

If one looks back to the last fifteen years or so at white imperialism's open war and manufactured coups - both soft coups and military coups - against the countries of the GlobalSouth, we can clearly see that the GlobalSouth has no effective collective self defence at resisting these aggressions and turning the tide against white imperialism. white imperialism manages to pick off our peoples and nations one by one with the rest of the GlobalSouth watching this devastation as historical observers for the most part. The fact remains that we have no real leadership in the GlobalSouth that shows how we can successfully beat back and defeat imperialist offensives.

Yes, we have historically important anti-imperialist moves by the BRICS, ALBA, BASIC, SCO etc, these are massive tectonic movements for limiting and containing mostly on the imperialist-economic front, this is the anti-imperialism of our technocratic elitist anti-imperialist leadership. Calling it technocratic elitist is not to denounce them, but to indicate the nature of this leadership, it is a leadership which might not like small nations of the GlobalSouth being picked off and decimated, but they show no interest in developing means means by which to develop an effective self-defence mechanisms. Muammar Gadafi tried to raise the development of an internationalist military defence pack of the GlobalSouth nations, but leaderships of Latin America did not take up this project.

We have seen nation after nation fall to white imperialism, some of the biggest offensives being: Yugoslavia (1999), Iraq (1990-2003), Afghanistan (2001), Honduras ('soft-coup' 2009), Libya (2011), Paraguay ('soft coup' 2012). This is aside from the fact that on the cultural front, our leadership is still being defeated and being trampled all over by white-imperialist-cultural colonisation of our peoples minds. We have to date no self-defence and liberation strategy on the cultural level.

While the bigger economic situation in the world is the slow sink of worldwide white imperialist economic domination, it is important to remember what Minister Louis Farrakhan says: "the white man knows Black will rule the world, but he also knows that Black people don't know this", similarly, white imperialism or 'the white man' knows his time is up, but he also knows that the Black&Brown world have not got a real clue of how to defeat imperialism once and for all.

The BRICS, ALBA, SCO, BASIC etc show smugness, why smugness? Because they have no plan to stop their own closest allies from being picked off one by one by one, but act like they do have the answers and approach. Unless and until there is a new generation revolutionary leadership that can meet these challenges, white imperialism is on course to continue to knock out our positions one by one or the foreseeable future. A new generation leadership needs to go on the offensive, it needs to not only oppose, but push back the positions of white imperialism against us.

At the same time, we must not fall for some of the bombastic rhetoric of some of our leaderships, Latin America is often held up as the most advanced left-nationalist and socialist leadership of any region in the world, and it is just that. However, also the fact that or Latin American family cannot withstand soft coups against its allies in Honduras and Paraguay in the last year shows in reality how weak and precarious our anti-imperialist leadership actually is.

This new generation leadership must also assist the peoples of the GlobalSouth within the imperialist heartlands. The world anti-imperialist movement has a massive weapon it its hand in as much it has massive communities within babylon. Malcolm X was assassinated in large part because he was successfully bringing the leadership of the GlobalSouth to directly support our peoples within the imperialist countries. Similarly, one of the main reasons Muammar Gadafi was lynched by nato and its slave-rebels was that he was always ready to give power and backing to initiatives of GlobalSouth communities fighting for Black Power and anti-imperialist liberation within the imperialist countries. A new generation leadership must go back to the strategies of Malcolm X, Gadafi, Che Guevara, Fanon and others, there is no other viable strategies for liberation and victory that have been shown other than these.

The latest white imperialist offensive has been transmitted through the 'Arab spring' which resulted in clearing a path or imperialist recolonisation of Africa and the 'Middle East' in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and the resultant impact on Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, all of which is in large part preparation for the massive military war on Iran.

In this regard I have been advocating that the GlobalSouth implement measures to safe guard our resistant positions, independence and sovereignty which is profoundly lacking, and in a world whereby our side of the GlobalSouth has to use asymmetric warfare to close the gap between our collective fire-power which still does not come close to that of the conventional fire-power of nato or even just the usa. In this context the Iranian threat to pre-empt the war against it by launching a pre-emptive war against the zionist state is not only sensible but it is a total necessity if we are not to be decimated once again.

One cannot tell how much this statement from Iran is just bluster or to what extent it has real motivation and intent by it. In conventional terms Iran is no match for the usa or nato, but the Iranians seem to be developing strategies and tactics of asymmetric warfare to try and defend itself with its sights set on blocking the Gulf, Hizbullah could join in and launch a war of self-defence and liberation against the zionist state and other imperialist interests.

Time will tell how this will all unfold, one thing is for sure, it is going to be very ugly and much worse than the wars on Iraq and Libya.

There is no time like the present, and the GlobalSouth should be putting into place real mechanisms for its own survival, but imperialism is also clever enough (or is our side unwise enough? probably a combination of both) to know it must lynch those leaderships that are making concrete plans for collectivising across nations real anti-imperialist mechanisms to defeat imperialism, such as this strategy of Saddam Hussein and Gadafi's many plans to clear out imperialism from the GlobalSouth especially his plan for the Pan-African Dinar currency which would have smashed the dollar in world financial markets as the Dinar was gold equivalent, whereas the dollar actually has no value but is still the main world currency due to british and usa world domination through military terror, white mailing and bribing.

Like the West African proverbial Sankofa bird, we must return to the the effective strategies for liberation to then go forward for our collective liberation. I am loyal to our technocratic and elitist anti-imperialist world leadership, they are a historic juggernaut on our side, but this is not adequate for all the challenges facing us.


Iran may launch pre-emptive strike on Israel, conflict could grow into WWIII - senior commander


An Iranian military official has warned that military conflict between Iran and Israel could “turn into World War III.” He added that if Israel “is putting the final touches on attacking Iran,” a preemptive strike against Tel Aviv would ensue.

Israel “cannot imagine” the force of Iran’s response if Tel Aviv attacks it, Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh told Iran’s Arabic-language television network. “It will sustain heavy damage and that will be a prelude to its obliteration,” he said.

Hajizadeh added that Iran does not see this happening at the moment because he does not believe that Israel will conduct an attack without its strongest ally – the United States.

If America does decide to back an Israeli plan to strike Iran, Hejizadeh insists Tehran will retaliate against both Tel Aviv and Washington.

“Tehran will definitely attack US bases in Bahrain, Qatar and Afghanistan…there will be no neutral country in the region,” Hajizadeh said. “To us, these bases are equal to US soil.”

The statement comes after the head of the Revolutionary Guards, General Mohammad Ali Jafari, said that a war between Iran and Israel “will eventually happen.” Jafari did not speculate on a possible date or location of the war.

"If they begin [aggression], it will spell their destruction and will be the end of the story," Jafari told local news agencies.

Jafari’s deputy backed up his statements, telling Fars news agency that Iran will not start a war with Israel, but will respond to provocation.

“Iran’s defensive strategy is based on the assumption that we will engage in a war, a massive battle against a global coalition led by the US,” Deputy Commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Brig.-Gen. Hossein Salami said.

"If the Zionists act against Iran, it will be a historic opportunity for the Islamic Revolution to wipe them off the world's geographic history," he continued.

The latest statements come in response to Tel Aviv’s threats to strike Iranian nuclear facilities. Israel insists that numerous sanctions have failed to curb Tehran's alleged nuclear weapons program.

On September 2, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused world powers, including the US, of failing to draw a “clear red line.”

“Until Iran sees this clear red line and this determination, it won’t stop advancing its nuclear program. Iran must never be allowed to acquire nuclear arms,” Netanyahu said.

The Obama administration refused to meet Israel’s demand. On September 14, President Obama said that there would not be any “red lines or deadlines” because “there remains time and space for diplomacy.”

The statements coincide with US led anti-mine sweeping exercises currently taking place in the Persian Gulf. The drills are being interpreted as a show of force – warning Tehran not to disrupt vital oil routes in the Strait of Hormuz.

American officials insist that the exercises were entirely defensive in nature and not directed at any particular country.

As tension continues to mount between Israel and Iran, Tehran continues to insist that its nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes.

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