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The "freedom" and "democracy" that Mr Belhaj has delivered with nato for Libya

Bonkers Article by Belhaj in the white empire-liberal guardian Newspaper

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
24 Sept 2012

Abdelhakim Belhaj worked for nato in overthrowing Gaddafi's Libya. Some will jump up that he is his own man and he was not working for nato. However, everyone knows the Libyan rebels didn't stand a chance if it wasn't for the biggest war machine that humanity has ever known that conducting the blitzing and massacring, some 30,000 nato sorties flew to burn Libyan soil and people, some 50,000 people were killed as a result. If nato hadnt intervened, the conflict would have ended in weeks with a whole lot less death, injury and trauma that it otherwise tragically has experienced.

There has been an article printed in the brit white power structure's newspaper - the guardian, Belhaj's name put as the author. It's likely that Belhaj hasn't written this piece and is written for him by one of his foolish white lawyers or admirers in england, or one of his 'comrades' in 'jihadi' pro-Al-Qaeda circles in England. (It has to be stated Al-Qaeda is not an organisation as such, but rather concentric networks of the most violently sectarian groupings of those inspired by the Saudi-promoted version of Islam).

How anyone can trust a word of what this likely agent of the mi6 and cia is baffling, as this is the man who worked for the west in Afghanistan, was the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (long known to be backed by mi6, cia and french intelligence services), was widely known as an Al-Qaeda affiliate, but then apologised to the Libyan Jamahiriya for his terrorism activities, thanked Saif al-Islam Gaddafi only a few years ago for releasing him, and now Belhaj moans about being tortured by the Jamahirya when Saif Al-Islam states on video to the Zintani militia who captured him that Belhaj is lying that he was tortured, rather on his release he was given a seafront home and a 4x4 vehicle. Between Saif Al-Islam and Belhaj, if you see their track records, Saif Al-Islam is the more believable party than the likely roaming free agent for western intelligence agencies - Mr Belhaj.

Belhaj now wants to sue to british authorities for their role in handing him back to the Jamahirya for suspected terrorist activities, but at the same time works for nato in keeping Libya as a hell-hole  conducive to the recolonisation of Libya by white imperialism, pointing to the type of game of footsie that goes on between nato states and Al-Qaeda types. Sometimes, like Belhaj, nato promotes them, and sometimes when they have done outlived their usefulness to nato or stray off the script they are assassinated as in the case of Yahya Libi earlier this year or of that of Anwar Awlaki late last year. The fact that no former Al-Qaeda supporters can see the obviousness of this games itself raises some interesting issues which cannot be gone into here.

It is really important that those young militant Muslims who, out of the loyalty to their peoples being attacked by nato imperialism, start sympathising or even trying to involve themselves in pro-Al-Qaeda circles should try and reflect on what Al-Qaeda type groups actually are: entrapment organisations against Muslim youth who are encouraged in many ways by white imperialism to carry out the latter's strategic interests and then the same Al-Qaeda militants are criminalized and face extradition to the usa, will be banged up for life in jails like Bagram and Gitmo, not to mention that Al-Qaeda activities leaves countless people and families devastated in terms of those victim to the traumatic divisions Al-Qaeda wreaks in those places it is active

Now to the article 'by' Belhaj:

"The despicable murder of the US ambassador in Benghazi was a horrific shock to Libyans, as it was to Americans."

This first line in the article betrays the submissive mentality Belhaj has towards nato, as Belhaj says not a word against the much more brutal killing of Gaddafi himself, who was bombed by a yankee drone, and then bombed by a french airstrike, then the Libyan rebels showed the world their modus operandi throughout the conflict in the killing of Gaddafi by his many hour long lynching and sexual assault - all on video for the world to see. stevens lynching by those who had been brought to power in Libya exactly by people like stevens, however brutal it was, was nevertheless a lot more milder in comparison. stevens death was for Belhaj a "horrific shock" whereas Gaddafi's lynching was 'liberation'. Makes sense of that if you will.

"We are fully aware that this despicable hate film, Innocence of Muslims, does not reflect the American people's views, and that the producers of this film are an extremist minority. The unequivocal condemnation of the film by US officials made this quite clear. Indeed, a careful analysis of the situation suggests that there is no conflict between our peoples. Rather, a hate campaign led by a small number of extremist Islamophobes has led to unacceptable counter-reactions by small extremist groups. As in the US, these extremists do not reflect mainstream opinion. The vast majority of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims expressed their disgust and dismay through peaceful, legitimate means."

Here we can see that Belhaj seems to have been advised by his white and western-based friends that this narrative of 'we know all you guys don't hate us' is the best approach. Everyone knows this is nonsense, and that Islamophobia and hatred for Muslims is a widespread social phenomenon amongst western whites. Why Belhaj is trying to spin things otherwise is because he is a very small junior partner to white imperialism's agenda in Libya and he knows it, therefore he must peddle the illusion that he likes the west, and needs the west for political survival.

"The colonial and postcolonial eras have been marked by mutual mistrust: we need a real change in policies as well as mutual respect and a genuine dialogue."

Someone should remind Belhaj that he has helped nato recolonise his country, so all this talk of mutual respect is just Orwellian (ironically Orwell himself was working with the british intelligence services too, which is Orwellian in itself!).

"The revolution that overthrew the Gaddafi regime was an armed revolution and a war. The Libyan people sacrificed the lives of tens of thousands in order to attain their freedom."

If by "revolution" Belhaj means a nato bombardment of his own country, OK. And if by "freedom" Belhaj actually means that nato along with Behaj and his rag-tag allies of the rebels have succeeded in Belhaj's own admission of that "the state is virtually absent", then OK.

One should add also that Belhaj was a revolutionary who oversaw the mass persecution of Libyan Black people and non-Libyan African Black people. Belhaj's faction and others were responsible for totally wiping out the town of 30,000 mainly Black Libyans in Tawergha. The torture state which nato and the likes of Belhaj rule is well documented by amnesty international and human rights watch, although these same white-imperialist 'human rights' organisations were the ones perpetuating many a war crime in Libya by promoting every lie coming out of the nato propaganda machine.

"The painful incident in Benghazi can be attributed, at least in part, to the weakness of the state, which the Gaddafi regime destroyed over the course of its 42-year rule."

Gaddafi destroyed the Libyan state over 42 years? Although a very young state, being under constant war by the imperialists Libya managed to achieve the highest living standards of any given African country. This cannot be achieved without a functioning state. A cursory comparison between the Jamahirya and today's Libya leaves no one in doubt that the Jamahirya was a better place on all social, cultural, political indicators. There is actually no comparison whatsoever.

"Today, we see the workings of the first elected parliament in the history of Libya."

'Democracy' and 'parliamentary democracy' enforced on Libyans by nato and their minion-rebels is clear: mass persecution of Blacks, mass torture of rival militias, mass lynchings of Black people, anyone suspected of anything that the torturers and death squads (militias) accuse them of, Libya as a base for further nato operations in the region. This is what nato democracy looks like which Belhaj is promoting.

"… it is unwise for the US to send drones into Libyan airspace or naval destroyers to its shores: such steps will only increase tensions. Drones are not only provocative and illegal in international law but have also led to the killing of many innocent civilians in other countries that has had a serious impact on how the US is perceived in the region."

This is interesting, according to Belhaj drones kill people in "other" countries, whereas I suppose drones didn't and don't kill Libyans? It is widely known that drones were used throughout the nato war against Libya. So again, see how Belhaj covers for nato in them deploying drones on Libya and Libyans.

"Libya's sovereignty must be respected, in spite of what has happened. There should be trust in the Libyan justice system and their ability to pursue and prosecute the criminals. The Libyan government has already taken action and arrested suspects.

What is needed from the international community at this critical juncture is assistance to help Libya achieve stability and complete its transition to democracy without any intervention in internal Libyan affairs. Any such intervention can only complicate the situation."

There currently and in the forseeable future no Libyan state, even Belhaj admits that, everyone knows Libya is a torture-state and a nato holding base for further operations in the region.

The nato intervention in Libya has been clear in Libya since the first days in February 2011 when the british sas were caught in Benghazi, when british foreign minister William hague said "Gaddafi has fled to Venezuela", and then shortly after a few weeks the nato bombs started dropping.

One day Libyans will traverse the path set down for them by the heroic resistance leader against the colonialists Omar Al-Mukhtar and Muammar Gaddafi who within a year of the September 1969 Al-Fatah Revolution got rid of the british and yankee military bases (the yanks having had their biggest military base in the MENA region at whelus field air base until Gaddafi booted them out), nationalised the oil, untied the tribes and kept them united until the nato operation last year, set about an immediate and impressive process of developing the Libyan education system, housing etc, and provided the world anti-imperialist movement with more support than any other smaller country of Global South. In the meantime, the people of Libya are left with total lackeys of nato who are given help and cover by some of the most dangerous white imperialists you can find - white liberals of the type of the guardian, amnesty, hrw and silly white liberal lawyers who are peddling this pathetic nato narrative in assisting Belhaj.

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