Friday, 28 September 2012


Interesting article here by bro Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed about the apparent nexus between the pro-Qaeda types and the british state in the pursuit if the british state's domestic and foreign aims.

Bro Nafeez had some very brief discussions with me about a year ago whereby ironically and strangely he was supporting the same people he has been criticising for a long time - the Libyan rebels who have been backed by the british, usa and french intelligence services for many decades. (Bro Nafeez couldnt discuss for more than a few minutes and fled from the debate.)

These are the exact circles that bro Nafeez is talking about here in this article, so why he supported the same people he critiques is a mystery to me. Perhaps bro Nafeez just was high on the al-jazeera/nato crack as so many were which resulted and still manifests in some a total brain freeze when seeing what is taking place.

Bro Nafeez seems to not be supporting the Libyan rebels twin-brothers the nato/Gulfi-backed Syrian rebels, pointing to perhaps he has reflected that the mass lynching of Blacks and the 30,000 nato sorties in Libya is actually not a liberation. Who knows.

On another note, I think it is worth progressive people reflecting on the nature of the relationship of these pro-Qaeda types to the british state, and why progressives are defending some of them, with even some foolish people positing nato's man in Tripoli - Belhaj - as a human rights issue, rather than the lyncher of Libya for nato interests and promoting destabilisation for nato in Syria and beyond, which actually is what Belhaj is all about.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Extradition: A Victory for Terror


"Special Branch agent and MI5 informant Reda Hassaine gave his handlers "scores of documents" linked to Hamza, containing "communications from GIA [al-Qaeda affiliated Armed Islamic Group] activists in Algeria" and "cells planning terrorist attacks in Britain." Yet none of the preceding evidence ever made it to court. No wonder Hassaine concludes that "terrorist recruitment and fundraising by Islamic militants" under Hamza's tutelage "were ignored for years by the British security services."

But he wasn't just ignored. During this period of terrorist training extensively monitored by MI5 informants, as journalists Sean O'Neill and Daniel McGrory document in their seminal book, The Suicide Factory (p. 229), Hamza was courted by the security services:

"Special Branch, the intelligence-gathering arm of Scotland Yard, had been talking to Abu Hamza since early 1997, when he was still preaching in Luton. In the classified records of the meetings he is referred to by the codename 'damson berry'. Unknown to the police, MI5 had also begun meeting Abu Hamza at the behest of French intelligence; he was given the MI5 code number 910... Confidential memos of meetings between the imam of Finsbury Park and his MI5 and Special Branch contacts reveal a respectful, polite and often cooperative relationship. There were at least seven meetings between Abu Hamza and MI5 officers between 1997 and 2000."

"...This is not a problem that has disappeared. Across the Middle East, US and British security agencies continue to facilitate the activities of al-Qaeda affiliated extremist groups as part of a regional covert anti-Iran offensive - a policy rooted in several decades of manipulating Islamist terrorist networks for geopolitical and geoeconomic purposes...."

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