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“A Positive Nation on a Mission to Achieve”

Message from the Honourable Lisa Hanna MP, Minister of Youth and CultureLisa Hanna MP, Minister of Youth and Culture.

Jamaicans at home and throughout the world share a great sense of pride and achievement as we celebrate fifty years of our country’s political Independence. Fifty years of nationhood has seen the dynamic growth and vibrant, colourful expression of our artistic soul and national consciousness as a diverse people. In 50 years Jamaica has made an indelible mark on the consciousness of the world as our rich cultural heritage and artistic prowess in the creative industries have taken shape and travelled around the world in the inevitable flows of globalisation. No other aspect of our culture has been as significant and pervasive in its impact as the iconic reggae music that Jamaica has nurtured and bequeathed to the world.

Given the diversity and dexterity of our people, the creation and export of a music form uniquely Jamaican and universally recognised to be so, have not prevented Jamaicans from distinguishing themselves in conventional professional pursuits whether they are in engineering, architecture, education, classical music, business, medicine, jurisprudence, among countless other endeavours.

The Jamaican people, full of strength, resilience and creativity, have brilliantly blazed a trail of glory in unrivalled splendor on the athletic tracks and in other international sporting arenas. Our intellectuals rank among the most distinguished in global academia and our pioneer workers have been instrumental in building the foundations of metropolitan centres notably in Europe and North America.

Jamaicans continue to lead other peoples of the Diaspora in building a vibrant and distinct national community whether they reside in the traditional centres of the Europe and North America, or in Asia, South America, Africa, the Middle East or the Arctic region, where our people are to be found.

And while they work to build their adopted homes away from homes, Jamaicans in the Diaspora continue to forge and nurture an unbreakable bond with our Island nation and persist in playing a central role in Jamaica’s social, political and economic growth and development.

It is not surprising therefore that Jamaica 50 is as momentous in Jamaica as it is in the many locations around the world where Jamaican communities – large and small – have been spawned. 

As a nation we have much to celebrate as we commemorate the past and plan for the future. As we do so we acknowledge the role of our many heroes and heroines, known and unknown, on whose toil and shoulders we have built a stable democracy. 

Jamaica 50 is celebration time. During this period Jamaica will be on show as the best of our cultural heritage, inherent in the local celebrations in towns and villages will be transmitted to the world. At the same time the excellent opportunity of the London 2012 Olympics, provide a global platform for telescoping Jamaica’s large-than-life role in this stellar sporting arena.

Jamaica’s golden jubilee presents a glorious context in which to present the value proposition of Brand Jamaica encompassing the multiple dimensions of culture, trade, global business centre and irresistible vacation destination.

A fundamental component of Jamaica 50 is the refinement and implementation throughout the 12 month interlude following August 6, of a range of proposals for the creation and immortalisation of tangible landmarks created as a legacy of the joyous celebration. 

Above all, may the festivities of the period infuse every man, woman and child in our country with the enthusiasm to embark and stay on the mission of making the 2030 vision of a prosperous Jamaica, a reality for every Jamaican who is willing to work for it.

In this jubilee year of Jamaica 50, let us, before God and all mankind, pledge the love and loyalty of our hearts, as well as the positive energy of our beings, to the attainment of a successful and united Jamaica, land we love.

Lisa Hanna
Minister of Youth and Culture

Project Director’s Message

Robert Bryan - Project DirectorRobert Bryan – Project Director

Our beloved country has had a long and colourful history. Our nation is abundantly blessed and our exploits are world-renowned whether it is in academia, business, sports, music or culture. We stand tall on the world stage.

Jamaica 50 has selected as its theme – a nation on a mission we truly believe we have an opportunity to stimulate a rebirth in the minds and hearts of all Jamaicans, to generate patriotic commitment to develop new sets of values and attitudes which will unite the country towards a national effort as we pursue the growth of the economy and nation over the next 50 years.

As a country we have the opportunity to show the world that we are a people united and focused on building our nation. Between August 1 and August 6th the eyes of the world will once again be focused on us here at home and also in London England. The staging of the athletic section of the world’s greatest sporting event will be taking place in London and it is anticipated that the medal presentation for the men’s 100 meter race will be taking place just about the same time that we are celebrating our 50th anniversary. This is no mistake; it is an opportunity for us as a country to show the world that we live our motto – out of many one people. 

Please as we get ready to showcase out worth to the world, volunteer your services and help us to make Jamaica beautify. And when that is done join in the celebration that will be taking place in and around your community from August 1 through to 6th as we write the next 50 years as an independent nation.

One Love!

Robert Bryan
Project Director, Jamaica 50 Secretariat

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