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AS THE country anticipates the grand celebrations of 50 years of Independence, Miguel Lorne, head of the Marcus Garvey People's National Party, says there is nothing much to celebrate as the absence of black consciousness and Garvey's teachings have led to the many social ills that continue to plague the country. Marcus Mosiah Garvey is one of Jamaica's national heroes.

"I can't celebrate a country with over 1,000 murders per year. I can't celebrate a country where abortion is so rampant and where a person's crave for knowledge is decreasing and persons are not able to even spell their names after a certain time," Lorne told The Gleaner yesterday. "There is an increase in the number of persons owning cars and houses and seeking after the luxury of life, with which nothing is wrong, but we lack the quality (of life)."

He added that young people have lost their sense of pride, which has led to the deterioration of the society.

"There is hardly anything being done to address black consciousness. Young people coming up have no tangible evidence of who we are as a black nation, which is evident in the songs that are being played. It is evident in the number of persons having a desire to bleach their skin; our youths have no hope and we have to bring about ways to change the mindset of our people. That's what Garvey's teachings seek to do, to change the mindset of people," Lorne said.

He commended the education ministry for initiating steps to implement Garvey's teaching in schools. However, he emphasised that it needs to be done urgently.

"I appreciate our minister of education wanting to implement the teachings of Garvey, but I want to know why it took so long for so many other education ministers to see the light. Can you imagine if the teachings of Garvey were implemented 50 years before?" he asked.

"This implementation is long overdue and we don't want the minister to be only touting that Garvey's teachings need to be incorporated in the school system, but this is something that needs to be done now. "The whole mindset of our people needs to be changed and this should be a change of royalty, dignity and pride."

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  • Jamericabiz
    I agree with all your finding, but I disagree that we have nothing to celebrate. We can celebrate our failures, and they are many, but we should celebrate the lessons learned from our failures.But we still have the vision and direction left by Marcus Garvey to fall back on. Marcus Garvey's vision for the black world is still very much where we need to look to and plan for the future of the African people.
    Jamaica, have a lot to be ashamed of.( !.) When they had a chance to elect a leader with the vision and direction  much like Garvey's of where Jamaica should be heading.  in the refarandom in the 1960s, they rejected his vision and  leadership. That leader was Norman Washingtom Manley we have never had a leader of his caliber since. I was a child then, but my parents were first follower of Garvey, and then Manley, They wer my poineers. I am the product of that vision and that generation. I never drop the ball, because I knew then as I know now that Garvey vision was is and will be the future and vision for the black people of the world.Self reliance
    Please dont be angry, I used to be anhry, but I have decided many years ago, to direct my anger in a positive direction. Make suggestion where Jamaica should be heading.
    I suggested that every parish in Jamaica, should develop THINK TANKS, to find solution for our problems.
    I suggested to Mayor Ramsey, of Mandeville, just this past April, that Manchester, Clarendon, and St Elizabeth, should develop a plan to dreg the ocaen around Black River to make it possible for Cruse Ship to be able to come in, they should also begin to invit companies who ship product thrru, the Panama Canal to relocate their containerization facility in that redion. That would create jobs in transportation, as well as ports operation. She said Jamaica did not have the money. Recently I hear that they are talking about those two ideas.
    We can do a lot to change the direction of Jamaica if we are will to get involved. There is much more I could say, but space are limited and this paper do like like me, because I am one who say what I have to say without any apology. And when you are blunt like me people do not want to listen, they do not want to look at their failures and be reminded of them by people like me.. For me it is just tuff love for Jamaica.When I grew up in Jamaica that was all I got was tuff love. Homelessness,  hunger no work. I had nothing but I made so we can accomplish anything we want if we put our mind to it.I had a lot I just did not know it, we had land, but were thinking about land in those days.
    Let's not give up let us work together for the good of Jamaica, even if they cannot see it, the future. We owe to Marcus Garvey, Norman Washington Manley, and believe or not Michael Manley.Those men had vision, and they left us with a LEGACY, that we can fall back on.For me Jamaica is a passion, more that anything else in my life
    The minister of education, have started the ball rolling, let us give him thanks for putting forth the idea of teaching Garvey's vision in the school. It is long over due. Let us begin to kick some asses literally and figuratively.God bless.and thanks for the reading.
  • Carlton Reynolds
    The truth about heroes is they tend to appear more heroic  the further they recede into the memories of those who would see them as heroes. The first two names you lionise may or may not be heroes, but they have been so named, but your idea of a hero becomes very questionable when you mention Michael Manley. The legacy of MM is what has us falling down, there is nothing there to fall back on.
  • Guest
     Look at Cuba and you'll know why he mentioned Michael Manley's name.  After the fall of the USSR. The still NOW, WICKED American Embargo, and HARDLY any FINANCIAL AID from Financial Power HOUSES. The Cuban Society is now 100% literate, the best Medical Care in the region,100 Doctors per 1,000 people, and I could go on and on. So do not BLAME Michael for Jamaica's FAILURE.  It was the JLP PROPAGANDA and the ELITIST MENTALITY that according to you "has us falling down".
  • Carlton Reynolds
    You  didn't know that the USSR was financing Cuba? You don't like elitist mentality, you prefer the crass jungle mentality. You believe what you want to believe, I was there, I know.
    Wicked embargo? Did Castro have the right to seize American assets?
  • Marcus Garvey ll
    Much  of the assets were obtained from slave labout.  I Pity your for siding with American imperialism.
  • people power
    one word your a joker
  • berexstone
    Dear Guest, none Sovjet Stalin or Mao-like society survived. In Cuba thousends of people are in jail, the people are suffering, the country is done and gone. And dem love money. I've been in a Cuban jail for two weeks, about twenty-five years ago, as a crew member aboard the Port Royal based salvage-tug "Smit Salvor", we entered Cuban waters when leaving for a distressed oil tanker. Got arrested by the Cubans and only after our vessels head-office, Smit International, paid huge amounts of money to dear Fidel, we got realeased.
  • Jocovia
    Thanks for this beautiful piece!
  • Guesswho
    Very good Jbiz,now it's time for us to build that coalition and help our Jamaica...we can do it....YES WE CAN!!!
  • Nam Singh
    Jamaica's leaders are a sad joke. Garvey had the right idea and was moving forward until he got sabotaged. Ninety years later where are we on self reliance? Does Jamaica have even One ship to carry our goods produced locally? No from the top we depend on others for hand outs yet we believe we are Independent.    
  • Glen
     well i know very little of my parishioner Garvey,Mr Lorne to be very honest these politician have no shame,i asked the same question,what is there to spend millions to celebrate?,after fifty years,our debt still climbing,one point seven trillion and counting,the murder capital of the world,more than one third of our citizen living as squatters,high unemployment,our national; pride the airline gone,cement co.Jamaica now own by our smaller neighbor,and finally here is my bet,bet anyone the dollars reach ninety to one by that famous day,august 6,
  • KwamePiankhi
    You are absolutely correct Mr. Lorne.  There is nothing to celebrate.  How many of Garvey's People's Poltical Party 26 platform planks have been wholely implemented?  If you judge Jamaica's progress base on the achievement of those planks, then the country has gained no more than "flag and anthem" independence.
  • O. lewin
    the day you forget to celebrate life you are dead...if jamaica only got one talent  lets give thanks and use it to make the world happier and better...crying over failures, is failure in itself..... 
  • mwhip
    Mr. Lorne you sound like the donkey Ehore, i believe is his name in the children's book with Christopher Robbins. The donkey was so darn pessimistic. There are many social ills that are affecting our nation but they are not unique to Jamaica, they are global.
    Yes, we do have a lot to celebrate, we are fifty years old, we have not being affected by any major disasters in our fifty years. We have many bright young people coming out of our territory institutions. Our athletes are doing great and they are the envy of many countries. We are surrounded by sunshine and water year round. Our women are the most beautiful anywhere in the world .And no matter how we are suffering God gave us the gift to look beyond the pain and smile because it is no problem and it too shall pass.
  • jamboy39
    Mwhip - You are sleeping. Jamaica has nothing to celebrate. Not even the basic amenities  like food , shelter and clothing. We are plagued by crime and corrupt politicians.Which planet do you live on?
  • mwhip
    We still have a lot to celebrate and thank God for, if it is even that fact that e have not been affected by any catastrophic disaster since we became independent. Our land is rich and fertile, we can do much better than what we are doing but we are our worst enemy. Many of us are waiting on hand outs and believe that the Lord will send Manna from heaven to feed us.
  • Guesswho
    Well said!!!
  • Get-Real
    Well said if you have low self esteem and do not want the best for yourself. If the people of Great Britian think and behave as the Jamaican people have over the past 50 years do you think that their standing in the world today would be what it is ???.
  • noshel
    I think one of the biggest thing that keeping us back in Jamaica , is the lack of involvement , and the selfishness. when one know something, he/she seem very reluctant to share the knowledge with others, and others are also reluctant to give an helping hand, we don't ask questions as we should, so most of us going around assuming things. and this is not healthy for any society!. 
  • kismar
    This is a very vague comment, too much generalities and most of it isn't even true. Maybe you live uptown too long but in the poor neighborhoods and in the rural areas we help each other, we've volunteered non-stop and share just about everything with neighbors, friends and even strangers.
    What's holding us back is crime, extortion, corruption and lack of vision by those in charge.
  • noshel
     I acknowledge that I might make a general statement here, but I do know that there are pockets of what you are talking about. but  not in the wider Jamaica!.
  • Fools-paradise
    The biggest thing that is holding Jamaica back is that most or majority of the people are behaving like a FOOL. A fool can never make the right choice and a fool never know what is in his/her best interest. A fool can be easily taken for a ride. A fool wants nothing to do with the future it's all about the here-and-now.
  • Cargill Kelly
    Hi Noshel,
    I concure with your observations, but do you have any suggestions how we can improve on how weaknesses.
  • noshel
    Yes Cargill Kelly I do have several solution in which we can improve some of out weaknesses!.
  • Cargill Kelly
    Why not state them and address them to Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller. May be she can use some of them going forward.
  • Carlton Reynolds
    Nothing to celebrate , quite true, but when are we going to see ourselves as men rather than as black men? Garvey's teachings have little relevance to today's reality, and will only serve to fragment instead of unite us.
  • SmithMax
    You are unconscious Carlton, awake from your coma! Hard to teach a 'christian nation' who adhere to a teaching where man was created in the image and likeness of God.....and the pictures of 'god' in these churches/ books don't look like 98% of the Jamaican population. Inferiority complex instilled in the youth as such. Manifests through, nadilola, ambi and other bleaching chemical compounds. Wig, false hair, false nails, the accessories to make us into what we are not- kim kardashian fools of today. Cultural erosion! Understand that we see ourselves as men, it is the world we live in that labels us and treats us according to the history before us.'Garvey's teaching has little relevance'.....your message is the embodiment of what divides! Remember through Garvey millions amalgamated across the Americas and Europe- to date, which Caribbean/ man had a greater movement? Unity- his works sparked the formation of the RasTafari Movement, the Nation of Islam, the Black Panthers. Inspired Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X. Give credit! Get up, stand up and do something rather than give your lazy critique!
  • Acadiiyah
    Tremendous! In one mouthful, you have spoken to the race deception, the cultural deception, the historical deception which together led to economic stranglation and spiritual anhilation. 
  • Gdeempster70
    If u say Garvey teachiing are not relievant it means you dnt know what Garvey Taught or you are Stupid...*just what it is*
  • Carlton Reynolds
    He didn't teach me a thing...what did he teach you?
  • ManyTorres
    Garvey had good ideas but would have been a better example if he did not choose to live his last days in England.  Why didn't he walk the talk and settle in Africa?  
  • Ibumpg
    It would be nice and more meaningful if all in this forum can try to arrange a meeting between us and like-minded people we know, with a view to put into action many of the suggestions/ideas talked about by many Jamaicans worldwide.  I will commit to be an active participant.  The format is open and can be decided after some deliberations by those involved.  I am envisaging a genuine, no-nonsense group of Jamaicans dedicated to rid our land of the unpleasantness now permeating the society.  This should be a long term plan and as such we must include the youngsters among us, whose role would be to ensure continuity.  Any takers?
  • KwamePiankhi
    I'm in.  Is it possible to teleconference such meetings?
  • Cargill Kelly
    I am not going to get into what we failed to do, because no one is perfect. Only God can determine  who is perfect. What all governement need to do is to learn from their failers, and stop making the same mistakes.

    However, I would like to say that this article made some good points and some bad points. My purpose is to make a positive contribution to this article, if I can.

    I concure that "...persons are not able to even spell their names after a certain time."  For this reason, 'marijuna'  should not be legalised. Also  things like cigarettes, alcohol  etc that are legalised, businesses should make sure  that one is over 21 yrs of age, before they sell them cigarettes and acohol etc.

    Wonderful point Garveyism needs to be taught in school. However, stop being confrontational  and waist time lets move forward. For example, you(Lorne) said:...but I want to know why it took so long for so many other education ministers to see the light.
    Lorne-you and the minister of education need to set-up a plan, how the teaching of Garveyism is going to be implemented in schools and when(time frame). You and the minister of education should make this plan public. Lorne, get to work and stop criticise people, because you are not perfect and I am not perfect, and negative criticism is non-productive.

  • SmithMax
    I volunteer in a community off Hagley Park Road, though not consistent enough, I get up and do something positive for a handful of inner city youth. Change and education through positive interaction. Cargill Kelly, what do you do, apart from dictating what Mr. Lorne and Rev. Thwaites must and must not do?.......what ACTIONS do you and every Jamaican take to make OUR COUNTRY better?! Too many cooks spoil the broth.....too many are like u Mr. Kelly- not encouraging.....wagonists!
  • Cargill Kelly
    It is wonderfull that you do community work.  I am sorry you consider my suggestions dictation, but you are entitle to your opinion.
    However, please keep in mind that no one knows it all.
  • SmithMax
    You did not answer my question. But as you are silent on the issue.... You are excused if you are immobile for whatever reason. Your opinions are inaccurate CK based on facts and other peoples opinions. Not sure through what lenses you view life, clean your specs.
  • Trevel
    Yes the people of the island have done much in other countries - with music ,fashion & language - but as a whole we have failed most of what Garvey was preaching,I'm sure he is shaking his head at how Jamaicans talk to each other,kill each etc - in most cases we have failed him & his ideology , I only  hope in the next 50 we an improve & move forward as we should of done !
  • Desmonde301
    The old political categories we have known are almost if not completely dysfunctional now. Ideologies and policies of both liberal and conservative PNP and JLP left and right have run there course and come to a dead end. Time for real change  we have been struggling way too long. 
  • The-truth
    If we were a people who accept the truth and FACTS, we would all hang our heads in shame. Trinidad, Barbados and many other Caribbean countries have all progress over the past 50 years we have TRANSGRASS. For those who are unaware check out the development of Malaysia over the past 50 years. Another major problem is that we are largely a people without shame.
  • berexstone
    Black Star Liners... Black Star Liners... repatriation is a must... dem used to sing in the mid-seventies... but how many people really went back to Africa? About 2000 Jamaicans went to live in Shasamanie land in I-thiopia, only 200 are left living there, the others are comfortably back in 'Merica or elsewhere. Mi too, mi never leave Ja., so we have to stop the Marcus Garvey talk, but remain strongly believing in Jah. Built up schools an' education again. Music wise things are ok at the moment I think, there is consciousness alongside ruff dancehall. No problem wid dat.
  • Blairsdivine
    Miguel Lorne I think it's one thing staying on the side being a critic which doesnt seems to help. instead you should work with the government of the day to impliment these wonderful ideas which is the foundation on which your party is build, because I think most people will support anything that will put jamaica on the right track to build a better society.
  • GCrooks
    Sir! Are you saying with the teachings of Marcus Garvey Jamaica would not have had the many problems it's now having. I doubt that very much. It's about time we all got real away from this cheap talk that put a wish on a star. Big deal, make my day.
  • Jamericabiz
    No one asked you to get involved,this is for people who hope for something better for Jamaica you have your opinion and I have mine. the problem is that some  people like you have nothing to offer but negativity, so you find faults. It dosen't matter whaat anyone say, you would find fault with it. What have you contribute to improve Jamaica in your life, this is a question. If you do not have an open mind you cannot learn, and it seem that you know nothing of Garvey's opinion or vision..
  • Carlton ReynoldsCollapse
    You all wasting time with this Garvey business...really you are clutching at straws.

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