Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This advert has been removed from public viewing by the european union, although it was commissioned by them to promote eu enlargement.

Its an obvious white supremacist piece, but its very honest! It shows how the white european woman can face down the 'threats' from Asia, Africa and East Asia. And this is exactly how the eu feel about humanity, that they are aggressive threats that want to invade and attack the eu, and that they need to be sat down by the superior strength of the sophisticated whites.

There's so much to analyse here than what I have written.

Jokes. Enjoy.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

PS: comments from people on my facebook on this:

" It's a clear, unvarnished presentation of their world view. They see themselves as retaining the white man's burden to civilize the brown man. They delude themselves into thinking they are peaceful, despite the number of wars they are involved in. And they further now see themselves as progressive for their purported advocacy of women's rights, since, in their view, brown people also oppress women."

"Wow! This is indeed a very blatant message of call of white domination! Frances Cress Welsing's arguments about European recessive genes would make sense in this fight for survival and expansion by any means."

"thought she was gonna phone in some drones and "free" them"

"Just shows how that white woman is used to control the non white males who are deemed a threat. Notice that the men were warriors and fighters."

"good point. a western woman - in a 'kill bill' outfit ffs!!? - making use of eastern philosophies in a *responsible* way - like the west *ever* makes use of eastern philosophies in any meaningful for single mums maybe - to supress the naturally violent tendencies of non-western male-dominated cultures. this is appealing to the rising confidence of western women to direct their efforts at the terrors of non-western men who may threaten their hard-won freedoms...the more i watch it the more twisted it gets. it's like a modern update on a fifties cowboys n indians flick...or a tarantino movie"

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