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Brother Lupe, great video, thanks! But the situation is much worse than you present it

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Really interesting video by bro Lupe Fiasco, and a very welcome commentary on issues impacting the lives and health of our youths and younger adults. This video's message is not too dissimilar to that of Brother Jaja Soze's Beautful Sister, difference being that Bro Soze is coming from a different life experience from Bro Lupe, and that is reflected in the difference of the way they both articulate themselves, something which I have discussed previously.

First thing that is discernible in this music video is that the rich white man is the winner in all this exploitation of Black music and people that passes as the 'Hip-Hop' industry for the most part.

I actually thought if anything the music video and track downplays the devastation that is visiting our children, youth and younger adults as a result of the white power structure manipulating and down-right oppressing us, especially Black people and non-white people in general, with this devastation also seeping into the white working class communities many of whose youth are attaching themselves to Black culture.

It's interesting Lupe decided to present a loving functional relationship in 'Act 1' between the 4 or 5yr old son with his mother. Very often young boys of that age already have developed quite an advanced problematic attitude towards females as a result of being socialised - or anti-socialised - by the white-owned rap and RnB industry. Often young boys mothers are themselves suffering from the white supremacist oppression of relations between men and women in Black and non-white communities, and dont always have the functional, loving dynamic displayed in this video.

I think the 'Act 2' has a lot of truth in, in as much young girls learn through these videos and music (as well as the state of relations they see out there in our communities between men and women) that which white supremacy wants them to learn about what they think they can offer the males.

Again, the last act, 'Act 3', presents the dynamic between the young boy and girl now young adults as much less problematic than what the situation is actually out there. This was shouted to the world when OG Nikki put out her controversial track a little while back. Young people are well aware of the downward spiral in which sexual relations are going amongst them, or more accurately, some of them aware whereas the hyper-misogynistic reality amongst our youth is nearly becoming normalised, our youth seem to not know any better in their life experiences and what they can see around them.

Many young people just are just not being exposed to healthy, loving and caring examples of relationships, with the unsaid rule that loving caring relationships of Black families is nearly totally censored in the media, film and music.

Rather than a brother saying 'no thanks' to the advances of a sister like that in Act 3, we all know what would usually be the development from the sister and brothers initial meeting. It is a very rare occasion that a brother would say, 'no thanks' in such a situation. Too often the brother will live out on the sister his own trauma of relations with the opposite sex from his own life experience and that which is reinforced incessantly and constantly through media etc.

While we have to encourage both men and women to take their responsibilities in uniting ourselves and struggling together for all our liberation, it is perhaps an unfair in Lupe's video to put the burden on the sister especially as we know that most brothers wouldn't respond in such a manner.

The white power structure has put our communities into this devastation, and has not passed any commentary on it really for a whole generation, but only very recently have they started to report it in the mainstream, not that they will do anything good for us, they wont, they are our and our ancestors oppressors and must be kept out of our business at all costs, including their hand-maidens, the white liberals and lefties.

But now it is very late in the day, and will take nothing short of a real effective revolutionary mass movement amongst our peoples to reverse this situation. We really need to switch off from this mess 'culture', switch off the games consoles through which we are teaching our children that killing women and non-white people is normal; switch off the music channels which are perpetuating a state of relations that will devastate relations between us for yet another generation; switch off from the media which dehumanises all non-white people; switch off and provide our children with a resistance-education to defend them from the white-wash brainwashing they get from the miseducation system. Indeed, it is people like Paul Robeson (to whom Bad Bitch is dedicated to) and Claudia Jones that should be the kind of role models that we should be engaging our youths in for a healthy and more successful life and or the greater struggle.

All in all, a great and challenging video from Bro Lupe, however the situation out there/here is much worse than even presented in the video. We must all take our responsibilities in our families and communities to make that right which the white power structure has made so wrong amongst us.

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Mental_mind said...

Great post! I definitely had a lot of the same thoughts on the video and song.