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Michelle Obama Continues to be the Victim of White Supremacy

A Spanish magazine has photo-shopped the profile picture of Michelle Obama onto that of a former slave woman. The original portrait was made in 1800 by a french artist, which in itself was a patronising image showing how the french white imperialism supposedly helped to end slavery.

Michelle Obama has been the focus of white supremacist attacks in the media, especially as when her husband became president of the usa, she said it was the first time in her life she was proud to be an american. This turned the white racists crazy. Then with the maniacal tea party movement who often depict the Obamas in really humiliating ways.

I first came across the story from a heads up from Sis Ankhobia Carvahlo from this magazine, and its reported here also.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Sunday, 26 August 2012




Billy X Jennings with his Black Panther exhibition at marxism2012

FAO: marxism2012 and swp central committee

CC: bookings@marxismfestival.org.uk,

An open letter to the swp and their 'marxism 2012' festival in london

Billy X Jennings is the head of the Black Panther Alumni, the Alumni is the veterans association of the Black Panther Party for Self Defence founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in October 1966 in Oakland, California.

The Alumni includes the overwhelming majority of politically and culturally active veterans of the Black Panther struggle, and is very successful in its work popularising the Black Panther legacy throughout the world.

Billy joined the Black Panthers in 1968 as a teenager, and became a bodyguard for Huey Newton.

I first met Billy and Emory Douglas when myself and some other colleagues hosted them in November 2008. I helped in organising some events including at the Tabernacle in Ladbroke Grove and in the houses of parliament. Since then I have had the honour of being friends to Billy and Emory.

In early May this year Billy asked me if I could help him get some space for his Black Panther photo exhibition at the socialist workers party organised annual marxism festival. Despite my own views on the swp, I made a call to one of the very few senior black members of the swp and helped to facilitate to some extent Billy getting access to this organisation.

An individual in the swp who is a friend of Billy was generous enough to help Billy in an individual capacity with some practical and financial arrangements for his trip.

Billy spent four days everyday at the marxism festival setting up, displaying and putting away his photo exhibition, giving out publicity about the Alumni, and discussing with people about the work of the Alumni etc.

The marxism2012 was very lucky and honoured to have any reflective glory in having Billy there representing the Black Panthers and promoting their work and international legacy.

However, organisers at the event and anyone from the swp at the event from any level of the organisation:

- failed to offer Billy any water or any drink
- failed to offer Billy any food or meals
- failed to offer Billy any assistance of any kind
- failed to offer the Alumni any discussion exploring ways to support them in any way
- failed to offer the Alumni any direct support of any kind
- failed to offer any bilateral meeting between them and Billy as head of the Alumni to discuss on-going practical and concrete solidarity

I only found out about this on the last night of marxism2012, it was the first time on this trip to London I met Billy, we had an excellent meeting with young radical Black Power and anti-imperialist activists where we raised more than £200 for the Alumni.

It would be decent and right if the swp and the marxism2012 organisers gave a public apology to Billy and the Alumni and make full amends for this really stingy, inhospitable and unacceptable behaviour on their part.

I am not going to go into how deeply offensive and multifaceted is this lack of respect, but to those who understand they will understand. Question is, does the swp?

Billy and the Black Panthers have given so much to Black peoples and all peoples liberation from white supremacy and imperialism, and it would be a nice surprise that the white left don't always act like leeches and parasites on our peoples struggle and shows some basic human decency for a change.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
26 August 2012

Billy X Jennings Black Panther Alumni photo exhibition at marxism2012

Friday, 24 August 2012


Black teenager 'stopped 50 times' plans to sue Met police for harassment


Youth claims false charges motivated by racism as CCTV footage leads to collapse of court case

A black teenager who says he has been stopped about 50 times by the Metropolitan police is planning to sue the force, claiming he has suffered almost four years of harassment and false charges, which he believes have been motivated by racism.

Between the ages of 14 and 17, the college student says he has faced a series of charges of which he has either been found not guilty or which have been dropped before getting to court, as well as numerous stops and searches and two strip searches, none of which identified any criminal activity. He says he has also been detained several times in police cells after which he was released without charge.

Last week the teenager appeared at Bromley youth court, south London, charged with assaulting a police officer. The case collapsed after CCTV footage contradicted the evidence in court of PC John Lovegrove, who claimed to have been assaulted by the youth during a stop and search.

The Crown Prosecution Service has admitted it did not review the case fully before it went to court and is to apologise to the youth for allowing the case to go ahead.

The Met police confirmed the acquittal but declined to comment further. However, it is understood concerns about this and other failed charges against the youth, and all the stops and searches, are being investigated by police.

Lovegrove claimed the youth, who was handcuffed behind his back at the time and forced to the ground by police, rolled over and, in doing so, caused grazing and bruising to the officer's knuckles. The youth was also accused of spitting.

However, the CCTV footage in court showed no evidence to support these claims.

The youth's solicitor, James Foong, told the court: "He appears to me to be lying there like a dead fish."

After the court was shown the CCTV footage the CPS offered no further evidence and the case collapsed.

The youth had been stopped by police in Sidcup, south London, on 11 February this year, after reports on the police radio that a named white suspect had threatened his father with a knife and had then run off. The police description was later amended to black or mixed race male.

Although no weapon or drugs were found on the youth, he remained handcuffed while the police forced him to the ground. He was then strip-searched at the police station. He had cigarette papers in his pocket and torn up cardboard that Lovegrove said could be used as a filter when smoking cannabis. No drugs were found during the strip search.

The youth said: "I can't think of any other reason why the police keep doing this to me apart from racism. I've been stopped and searched so many times I've lost count, I think it's about 50 times."

The Met police is 11 times more likely to stop and search black people than white ones, according to Equalities and Human Rights Commission research published earlier this year. It has accused the Met of racial profiling.

"I'm very relieved my son was cleared of a crime he did not commit," said his mother.

"If it wasn't for the CCTV footage, he probably would have been convicted on PC Lovegrove's evidence. But I can't relax because I don't know what the police are going to do next. I'm trying to move the family to a different area that will be safer for us. Because of the way my son is targeted by the police, I'm frightened to let him leave the house. I'm worried he will be arrested again and won't come back."

She added: "I believe my son has been targeted because of police racism. He has been accused of so many things – theft of a laptop, theft of a bike, doing etchings on a wall inside McDonalds. He's also been accused of being part of the Cherry Gang and of harassing young children for drug money. He's never done any of these things."

Lee Jasper, chair of the London Race and Criminal Justice Consortium said: "It is particularly shocking that this has been going on for such a long time and started when the boy was so young. This case exemplifies the harsh realities of being a black kid in London."

A CPS spokesperson said: "This youth was charged by the police with assaulting a constable and our review of the case relied upon a summary of the evidence and other information provided by the police. At trial, it was found the evidence did not support the charge and we decided to offer no evidence against the defendant.

"We fully accept we should have reviewed all of the evidence more thoroughly before the beginning of the trial."

The CPS will apologise to the youth "for not doing so and for not discontinuing the case earlier".

Foong said: "From what he has told me of his treatment and the evidence we have seen in court it would appear the police approach to this young man has been disproportionate and excessive."

The Met police said in a statement: "On 17 August, a 17-year-old male appeared at Bromley youth court accused of assault of a police officer at Sidcup High Street on 11 February 2012 … The case was discontinued by CPS and the youth was formally acquitted."


Brother Lupe, great video, thanks! But the situation is much worse than you present it

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Really interesting video by bro Lupe Fiasco, and a very welcome commentary on issues impacting the lives and health of our youths and younger adults. This video's message is not too dissimilar to that of Brother Jaja Soze's Beautful Sister, difference being that Bro Soze is coming from a different life experience from Bro Lupe, and that is reflected in the difference of the way they both articulate themselves, something which I have discussed previously.

First thing that is discernible in this music video is that the rich white man is the winner in all this exploitation of Black music and people that passes as the 'Hip-Hop' industry for the most part.

I actually thought if anything the music video and track downplays the devastation that is visiting our children, youth and younger adults as a result of the white power structure manipulating and down-right oppressing us, especially Black people and non-white people in general, with this devastation also seeping into the white working class communities many of whose youth are attaching themselves to Black culture.

It's interesting Lupe decided to present a loving functional relationship in 'Act 1' between the 4 or 5yr old son with his mother. Very often young boys of that age already have developed quite an advanced problematic attitude towards females as a result of being socialised - or anti-socialised - by the white-owned rap and RnB industry. Often young boys mothers are themselves suffering from the white supremacist oppression of relations between men and women in Black and non-white communities, and dont always have the functional, loving dynamic displayed in this video.

I think the 'Act 2' has a lot of truth in, in as much young girls learn through these videos and music (as well as the state of relations they see out there in our communities between men and women) that which white supremacy wants them to learn about what they think they can offer the males.

Again, the last act, 'Act 3', presents the dynamic between the young boy and girl now young adults as much less problematic than what the situation is actually out there. This was shouted to the world when OG Nikki put out her controversial track a little while back. Young people are well aware of the downward spiral in which sexual relations are going amongst them, or more accurately, some of them aware whereas the hyper-misogynistic reality amongst our youth is nearly becoming normalised, our youth seem to not know any better in their life experiences and what they can see around them.

Many young people just are just not being exposed to healthy, loving and caring examples of relationships, with the unsaid rule that loving caring relationships of Black families is nearly totally censored in the media, film and music.

Rather than a brother saying 'no thanks' to the advances of a sister like that in Act 3, we all know what would usually be the development from the sister and brothers initial meeting. It is a very rare occasion that a brother would say, 'no thanks' in such a situation. Too often the brother will live out on the sister his own trauma of relations with the opposite sex from his own life experience and that which is reinforced incessantly and constantly through media etc.

While we have to encourage both men and women to take their responsibilities in uniting ourselves and struggling together for all our liberation, it is perhaps an unfair in Lupe's video to put the burden on the sister especially as we know that most brothers wouldn't respond in such a manner.

The white power structure has put our communities into this devastation, and has not passed any commentary on it really for a whole generation, but only very recently have they started to report it in the mainstream, not that they will do anything good for us, they wont, they are our and our ancestors oppressors and must be kept out of our business at all costs, including their hand-maidens, the white liberals and lefties.

But now it is very late in the day, and will take nothing short of a real effective revolutionary mass movement amongst our peoples to reverse this situation. We really need to switch off from this mess 'culture', switch off the games consoles through which we are teaching our children that killing women and non-white people is normal; switch off the music channels which are perpetuating a state of relations that will devastate relations between us for yet another generation; switch off from the media which dehumanises all non-white people; switch off and provide our children with a resistance-education to defend them from the white-wash brainwashing they get from the miseducation system. Indeed, it is people like Paul Robeson (to whom Bad Bitch is dedicated to) and Claudia Jones that should be the kind of role models that we should be engaging our youths in for a healthy and more successful life and or the greater struggle.

All in all, a great and challenging video from Bro Lupe, however the situation out there/here is much worse than even presented in the video. We must all take our responsibilities in our families and communities to make that right which the white power structure has made so wrong amongst us.



Wednesday, 22 August 2012


British Policy towards the Arab Spring has been Entirely Consistent

by Dan Glazeebrook
Rebel Griot

Over the past year, the British government have bombed rebels into power in Libya –and are desperately hoping to do the same in Syria–whilst simultaneously aiding and abetting the crushing of rebel forces in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Some commentators have called this hypocritical. In fact, there is no contradiction: the British government is engaged in a vicious, region-wide attack on all independent, anti-colonial forces in the region, be they states or opposition movements. Client regimes – in many cases monarchies originally imposed by the British Empire – have been propped up, and states outside the orbit of Western control have been targeted for destruction. The policy, in other words, has been entirely consistent: a drive towards the total capitulation of the Arab world; and more specifically the destruction of any potential organised resistance to an attack on Iran. What is more, it has been planned for a long time. 
The Arab spring did not come out of the blue; it was both predictable and predicted. All demographic, economic and political trends pointed in the direction of a period of instability and civil unrest across the region, and especially in Egypt. The combination of growing and youthful populations, rising unemployment, corruption and unrepresentative government made some kind of mass manifestation of frustration a virtual certainty – as was recognised by a far-reaching speech by MI6-turned-BP operative Mark Allen in February 2009. In August 2010, Barack Obama issued Presidential Study Directive Number 11, which noted "evidence of growing citizen discontent with the region's regimes" and warned that "the region is entering a critical period of transition." Four months later, Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tunisia, sparking off the unrest that led to the downfall of President Ben-Ali. 
For the world’s imperial powers, wracked by their own economic crises – Britain, France and the US– it was clear that this unrest would present both a danger and an opportunity. Whilst it threatened to disrupt the Gulf monarchies imposed by Britain during the colonial period (Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait et al), it could also create the ideal cover for the launching of long-planned proxy wars against old enemies.
Both Libya and Syria have long been considered thorns in the side of Western world domination. It is not only their policies –from Gaddafi’s consistent opposition to US and British military bases in Africa to Assad’s support for Palestinian liberation groups – which riles Western policy makers, but the mere fact that they have independent governments which are able to formulate and implement such policies. In the eyes of the world’s unelected and undeclared ruling elites, for a government of the global South to be either strong or independent might be just about tolerable - but not both. 
Secret Anglo-American plans for the overthrow of the Syrian government - using proxy forces directed by Western intelligence, and carried out under the cover of‘internal disturbances’ - have been in place since at least 1957. More recently, the US has embarked on a policy of funding sectarian Salafi militias to wage war against the region’s Shi’ites in order to undermine Iran, destroy the Syrian state and cut off Hezbollah’s supply lines. This policy was a direct response to the two major setbacks of the previous year – the massive wave of attacks on Western forces by Sunni militants in Iraq and Israel’s defeat in its war with Hezbollah. In a prophetic piece in 2007, Seymour Hersh shows how the US, Israel and the Saudis hatched a plan to‘redirect’ Sunni militias away from their fight against the US and towards Syria. As one US government consultant put it, “it’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians, if they continue to work with Hezbollah and Iran.”
The coming of the ‘Arab spring’ provided the perfect cover for the throwing of these bombs – and for the British and US government plans to be put into effect. They acted quickly; armed attacks began in both countries within days of the ‘protest movement’ erupting, carried out by insurgents with longstanding links to British intelligence and increasingly trained and directed by the SAS and MI6
Acting under the cover of the Arab spring also proved a winning formula for Western governments to mobilise support for ‘humanitarian intervention’ – the twenty-first century white man’s burden. Bush and Blair had given Western warmongering in the Middle East a bad name, but by implementing proxy wars –and aerial blitzkrieg - under the guise of ‘support for popular uprisings’, it was possible to ensure that liberals and ‘socialists’ by and large fell in line (albeit with some tactical differences on occasion). Frustrated Western radicals, desperate to vicariously experience the ‘revolution’ they know they would never – and let’s face it, would never want to – actually be involved in, lapped up the imagery of the‘people versus the dictator’. These ‘useful idiots’ all helpfully provided a veneer of credibility to the new wars that was clearly lacking in the case of Iraq. 
The method of ‘proxy war’ – using militias recruited from the local population to fight for imperial interests – has long been the favoured policy of British policy planners – in contrast to the more ‘gung-ho’ boots on the ground methods of the US. 
The war against Libya gave the ‘Arabists’ who dominate the British Foreign Office (the FCO) a chance to show the Americans how it is done. They have always preferred to cultivate local allies on the ground to do the fighting and dying – it’s cheaper, less unpopular at home, and so much more subtle than the blunt, blundering and cretinous approach of the Bushblair posse. Indeed, the FCO opposed the Iraq warfor precisely this reason – there was no moral, nor even strategic, disagreement – but a tactical one. The perceived failure and cost (in both blood and treasure) of Iraq thus allowed the ‘Arabists’ to gain the upper hand for the next round of colonial war that is now unfolding. 
Meanwhile, client regimes – those monarchies established by Britain in the dying days of Ottoman control of the region – were given all the help they needed to drown their own uprisings in blood. Britain sold Saudi Arabia no less than £1.75 billion worth of arms last year – arms that are now being used against protesters in both Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where the Saudis invaded last autumn to crush the growing democratic revolt, as well as to arm the militias fighting in Syria. Qatar under the absolute rule of the Al-Thani family – chosen by Britain to run the country in the mid-nineteenth century – has also been crucial in fomenting the new imperial wars. The Al- Jazeera TV channel, which plays such an important role in the colonisers’ propaganda war – is run from Qatar and essentially took over the role of the BBC Arabic service when it closed operations in 1996. Qatar has also been at the forefront of the co-ordination, training and arming of the paramilitary proxy forces in Libya and Syria.
To ascertain the British government’s attitude towards an uprising in a state in the Middle East, one simply has to ask: is this a state created by Britain, or one built on an independent support base? Countries in the latter category get attacked, whilst those in the former are aided in consolidating their power and crushing the opposition. 
Egypt, however, does not fit so neatly into either category. Egypt under Mubarak was neither a total stooge regime nor fully independent; neither a Libya nor a Qatar. Although the country had freed itself from its’ British-imposed king in 1952, since the Israeli peace accord of 1979, it had been widely viewed as a client state of the US and a key ally of Israel. Mubarak’s standing in the Arab world reached a nadir during the Israeli onslaught against Gaza in 2008-9, which even became known as the ‘Mubarak massacre’ for his refusal to open the border to fleeing Palestinians. Nevertheless, imposing regime change on Libya was going to be difficult for the West with Mubarak in charge next door. He had developed a friendly relationshipwith Gaddafi over the years, and seemed to be moving closer to Iran. A UN report in 2006even accused him of training the Islamic Courts Union – the Somali government which the US were working so hard to destroy – and he, along with Gaddafi, had opposed the expansion of AFRICOM – the US military’s ‘Africa Command’ – on the continent. A client who thinks he can conduct his own foreign policy is clearly missing the point. Removing Mubarak whilst keeping intact rule of his country by a military in hoc to the US may have come to be seen as the preferred option in London and Washington –especially if this option were to divide the revolutionary movement and take the wind out of its sails. Recent events in Egypt – such as the Egyptian airforce strike on‘Islamic militants’ in the Sinai, and the closure of the tunnels to Gaza – a lifeline for Palestinians to which Mubarak had to some extent turned a blind eye – suggest that the new government in Egypt is more than happy to do the bidding of the neo-colonisers.

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By Amal Saad-Ghoryeb

The resistance hero, Samir Kuntar, who was imprisoned in Israel for 30 years on false charges and later released as part of a prisoner exchange between Israel and Hizbullah, narrowly escaped being lynched by a group of 500 Salafi thugs armed with swords, batons, knives and other weapons, on his recent visit to Tunisia (see Akhbar Arabic’s story here). Five others were injured, some seriously.

Akhbar reports that neither this nor other attacks have been deterred in the slightest by the Interior Ministry which is controlled by a Nahda official. The Salafis justified their attack by recalling Kuntar’s allegiance to Shi’ism (he is a Druze convert) and his support for the Syrian government.

Analysts point to a speech Kuntar made two days prior to the incident, when he called on al-Nahda leader Rachid al-Ghannouchi, to declare Tunisia a land of anti-normalization (with the Zionist entity) if he was indeed serious about liberating Palestine. Analysts say that this speech was regarded by some party cadres as a provocation which warranted a response.

This is of course over and above the perpetrators of the crime, who are affiliated with Saudi-funded Wahhabi movements in Tunisia.

Al-Akhbar also notes that the assault on Kuntar occurred a day after an Iranian band was prevented from playing in Kairouan because of the band’s Shiite identity. Shi’ites in Tunisia protested the ban but were then “fiercely” attacked using “threatening” language to “discipline” them by Al-Nahda supporters on a Facebook page.

Akhbar also notes that the attack on Kuntar further antagonized the large number of Tunisians [Akhbar uses the term Tunisian “street” which I always avoid] who oppose al-Nahda and hold it responsible for the assault on Kuntar.

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Apologies for the not too great formatting, but people been asking me about this and I thought I would put it here. Please read from the bottom upwards.

Carlos Martinez and I wrote a critique about the subject of this twitter exchange a while back on Professor Green and Maverick Sabre's (Maverick later apologised on twitter tagging Carlos, Akala and myself in) 'Jungle' track and video, which can be read HERE.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

 as for u trying to be rude or play the tough guy.... really:)

Image will appear as a link
SMH -  &  Could both do with a walk in each others shoes but it will never happen... It's a shame really.
 You are ignoring what the metaphor is actually saying and manipulating it to sound how you want it to sound.
  Listen I like pro as an artist, UK needed something niche to enter, but 'hungy apes' can be construed dif ways
  akala u are like me approaching Rooney and saying he is shit at football when he is pro and I play Sunday league
 But I will send u invite next time I do a seminar you might learn something about what you seem to think u know about
 It's funny cos @maveriscksabre who is on the song with you sees things a bit different but hey ...

Image will appear as a link
  @maveriscksabre no ones speaking about the real struggle young people face in 2012 , its all about making money
 haha you mug, akala's mum is white. His mother! Akala racist hashtag, haha
 fuck of you cunt and leave my boy alone. I will slit your throat and pee down your neck!
  can say what he wants, he has a right to voice his opinion like anyone!
 what has Akala said thats racist to the UK? I interpreted your tweet as Akala has racist views on white people..
 Don't flatter yourself the talk was not about you, someone just decided to cut out that one segment.

Image will appear as a link
  dead that ish, fans dont wanna see you two beefin?
 If you wana try and market yourself off black male violence without ANY analysis of causes you will be criticised.
 violence is violence you're the one mentioning colour and that is my point - next time you chat about racism check yourself.
 chip on shoulder comes to mind. I'd never discredit black history but I didn't grow up any different to anyone else on my estate

Image will appear as a link
I have lost a lot of respect for  all within the last 15mins!
  What is that Akala??! Wishing a nice day, when you know you are wind up...It is not well wishing. So don't do it
  That's just 'I am throwing my spade and bucket outta the sandpit' kinda well wishing. ;) 
 If you wana try and market yourself off black male violence without ANY analysis of causes you will be criticised.
 violence is violence you're the one mentioning colour and that is my point - next time you chat about racism check yourself.

Image will appear as a link
 chip on shoulder comes to mind. I'd never discredit black history but I didn't grow up any different to anyone else on my estate
 this is not and was not about race and that's where this ends. When you see me reason... Or just hold another seminar?
 If you wana try and market yourself off black male violence without ANY analysis of causes you will be criticised.
 violence is violence you're the one mentioning colour and that is my point - next time you chat about racism check yourself.
 if 'violence is violence' do u think any black rapper cld show the violence them & their parents received from this country

Image will appear as a link
 nit picking  lyrics won't make you any better the wold and his wife no he's not racist, 
 how you can get on stage and start chatting all that when you haven't said one word to me? What an absolute joke.
 Who are you that I owe you an explanation? You might associate with ppl that r cool being called 'hungry apes' but I don't.
 you really seem like you're desperate to find something anywhere you look
 I'm sure if you ask some actual black ppl over the age of 21many will tell you they had an issue with it if they're honest.
 If you wana try and market yourself off black male violence without ANY analysis of causes you will be criticised.
 how you can get on stage and start chatting all that when you haven't said one word to me? What an absolute joke.
 If your gonna put a video out in public, it's going to be criticised, in public.
 how you can get on stage and start chatting all that when you haven't said one word to me? What an absolute joke.
 Who are you that I owe you an explanation? You might associate with ppl that r cool being called 'hungry apes' but I don't.

Image will appear as a link
 enjoy your high horse, I look forward to the day he kicks and you come flying off.
 mate all the other fucking animals mentioned in the verse and you mention that because you wanna make it racist...
 the whole fucking thing was a metaphor. I bet you're the type of guy who looks through his girls phone as well innit
 you really seem like you're desperate to find something anywhere you look
 I'm sure if you ask some actual black ppl over the age of 21many will tell you they had an issue with it if they're honest.