Thursday, 19 July 2012


Protect our youth from white power structure dehumanisation
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Another sad story of some of our younger people involved in some needless confrontation in South London that tragically led to the death of a young sister Julie Sheriff (pictured). A story which has at its root the deep white supremacist ('racist') society that we live in which dumps working class and Black people in increasingly impoverished housing, job prospects, and a non-stop intense cultural oppression by means of film, internet, music etc.

Many times through the say one spots some deeply white supremacist manifestations in society. While flicking through the newspapers the other day the tragic story of Julie Sherrif was reported but  with the newspapers feeling that it was somehow OK or appropriate to add this line: "A young boy who witnessed the attack said it sounded 'like the noise it makes when we kill a goat back home'"

A young boy may or may not have made this comment, one cannot know, however what does it say about those who were responsible for writing and promoting this article that they somehow thought it was acceptable to compare the killing and death of one of our young sisters to that of slaughtering a goat 'back home'? Its not acceptable. 

Only God knows the added distress and grief such a reported comment would have had on Sherrif's family and close friends, and aside from her family and friends, this shows the total and profound contempt with which the white power structure's media treats Black peoples. 

What people should consider is that this is not at all a case of some innocent mistake, rather it is totally in line with the colonial white settler culture that permeates the whole of the media. The white power structure and its little tools in the form of mainstream journos pretend to not know that Black people are the poorest, more oppressed, most despised and most traumatised of any given people in the world, hence any comparison of them at any time to an animal is totally unacceptable, at least it should be. 

White people love animals more than they do humans, especially non-white humans, and they often love animals even more than other white people. I often say, white people would be more outraged if those of our people who have been killed in their millions at the hands of western armies were animals rather than children. Our beloved Afghan, Iraqi, Libyan and Congolese children who are killed due to the white power structure don't even have names in the minds of white people, but rest assured if a cat is skinned alive in China, you'll find countless white people going crazy and projecting their vile anti-Chinese venom all over the place. 

No one is going to defend our people and youth from the white power structure apart from Black people from the GlobalSouth who live in the GlobalSouth or who are part of the diaspora, ie., chosen to settle for however long in the 'west'. No one but us is going to develop all the different organisations, institutions, movements, communities that we need for our own self-defence and liberation.

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