Friday, 20 July 2012


stop the war coalition is a help rather than hindrance for nato
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Below we can see the vice-president of the english stop the war coalition (stwc) blatantly lying about Nasrallah's recent comments on Syria, Nasrallah said nothing sectarian in his speech. And Mr Tikriti's words below echo exactly the position of nato. 

This is hardly surprising as in the last year the stwc has proven itself to promote nearly all the propaganda of nato in relation to Libya. They helped and assisted the nato manafacturing of regime-change consent by demonising and painting the Libyan (and now the Syrian) regime in nearly the same lying and distorted lines as the nato and the white power structure media does.

Stwc stood with nato's proxies in Libya, stwc said nothing for over six months while the 'rebels' they supported lynched Black people and patriotic people across Libya.

Stwc are clearly a white-dominated organisation that cares nothing for anything apart from the leadership's own very dubious and dodgy political self-interests.

While the west openly support wars throughout Africa, why has stwc never taken a stand against this in Africa? How can one expect an organisation like them to take an anti-imperialist n Africa stand when they openly supported those who lynch Blacks and turned an African country, Libya, into a nato colony?

Stwc have done nothing to oppose nato's blatant and publicly known war plans against Russia, China, Africa and many other countries of the Global South.

Stwc have not only failed to protect young people who come to their protests and get arrested and sometimes charged and sometimes jail sentences for their protests, but they ignore these young peoples plight, young people who are mostly Black, Arab and Asian. This once again points to the fact that this organisation is totally unfit for purpose, and worse than that is a kind of white-left trap or our youth to encourage them to get militant, and then nowhere to be seen once the state slams down on our youth. I have experienced this directly with stwc and the so-called 'Palestine Solidarity Campaign', another little white middle class ghetto which patronises and colonises the Palestinian issue and treats them like the 'poor helpless natives'.

The near entire leadership of stwc have exposed themselves as nato's little helpers, but with lefty and sometimes 'islamist' verbiage to cover it all up, as in the case of Mr Tikriti below.

In actual fact the stwc is a little white lefty mafia controlled by two white lefties in Andrew Murray and Kate Hudson helped by some hapless fools and tools of them and the white power structure. One thing that stwc will never tolerate are independent militantly anti-imperialist voices in their organisation or in the leadership. They have ensured that such representation has been purged time and again.

Stwc are playing nearly the same role in relation to Syria currently, with most of its leadership coming out with open regime-change rhetoric.

Recognise stwc for what it is, treat it for what it is. It is an organisation that will justify nato's regime change strategy time and time again.

Looking at this organisation at any semblance of assessing its role on a number of issues and angles, it is clear it is either so pathetically incompetent in its modus operandi, or to some extent it is designed to help nato from apparently within the let.

It's time people said no more to the war stwc uses and abuses issues which we should actually take very seriously in our struggle against the british white power structure and nato.

I will continue to call out these snakes fakes fools and tools of the white power structure, and echoing what a lot of anti-imperialists are saying, they should step up and engage in public debates people like myself on these issues if they have any shred of confidence in their position.


Anas al-Tikriti (pictured), vice President of UK's Stop the War coalition on his facebook:

"Nasrallah and Hezbollah could have remained silent on Syria awaiting how events would shape up. However their insistence on speaking up and commenting at every turn, confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt their unwavering support for a criminal and blood-thirsty regime. History will not forget."

"....Sadly, he (Nasrallah) chose to make his a sectarian stand, rather than an ethical righteous stand in which he stands by the people against their oppressor, hence betraying his and his party's own claim to resistance against injustice and oppression...."

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