Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Hi Owen Jones, we havent met yet, but read this article of yours in The Independent.

It's a generally good article, quotes from people in the community etc are good, but in addition there's a few areas of concern that I would like to bring up:

I have noticed there is a pattern whereby white people are more acceptable in reportong on issues about and around the riots, and the riots had clear issues of white supremacy (sparked by the lynching by 30 odd armed *white* police of a *Black* young man in broad daylight in a well known historically and currently militant and confident *Black* working class community of Tottenham), and this is a pattern repeated generally and reflected in the way the british white power structure allows and promotes PlanB, who in turn white washes the riots deleting it of issues of white supremacy (or 'racism' is many call it). No Black person will be allowed by the white power structure media to represent Black communities, but the white power structure promotes whites to do this; arguably it is a highly dangerous thing for non-whites/Black people to even try to represent their/our people in the media of the enemy, as the enemy is a sly trickster and manipulator.

Owen Jones is writing for a mainstream media of the british white power structure, about this issue, which is problematic as it is. There is however another area which needs addressing imho:

Owen Jones is a white person writing overwhelmingly about how Black people have been put down, oppressed etc, the major problem with this is that there again is a clear pattern whereby white people feel more comfortable when relating to non-whites as oppressed, as beaten up, imprisoned, tortured, poor, starving, dying, or blow to pieces by the western white power structure. This deeply problematic pattern is repeated to a large extent (although not fully, as there is a slight dash of resistant and defiant attitudes reported by him here and there), whereby the community is reported as down, out and oppressed. This might be true, as obviously there has been a weak to non existent politically combative response since Aug 4 2011, however, the problematic dynamic is there nonetheless.

In a context whereby there is generally no clear militant anti-white supremacist, pro-Black voice or movement as such (although the small seeds of a new generation of leadership have emerged in the last several years thanks to Akala, Swiss, Jaja Soze and some other factors, with importantly Ms Dynamite also laying the ground work for some of this since over a decade ago; other actors have been the conciousness around the Sean Riggs, Smiley Culture, Mark Duggan, and the continuing issues around the death of Stephen Lawrence, to mention a *some* of the factors), it is really important that we reflect critically on these problematics in the interests of defending ourselves in order to free ourselves.

I am sure Owen Jones can appreciate a lot of what is being said here.

On a side note, I thought Owen Jones and the other Black sister on newsnight missed a massive chance to slap down decisively the white supremacist david starkey when he said on the show 'the whites have turned black'. Owen Jones and the Black sister (forget her name, sorry) were obviously surprised and not able to retort clearly and decisively this comment, unfortunately then starkey took the whole platform of that show for himself, when the tables could have been turned and our side could have stolen the show.

Anyways Owen Jones, look forward to your engagement on this issue, and I'll see you in just over a week in Tottenham with brother Stafford Scott, so perhaps we can reason face to face there on these and other issues.

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