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Some issues arising from the Asturian miners struggle
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Great short doc-film here by a friend and a colleaugue of Sons of Malcolm.

This struggle of the Asturian miners is a defining struggle of the current mostly South European peoples resistance movement to the current capitalist-imperialist attacks on the living standards of South Europeans, especially Greeks, Spanish and Portugese and Italian peoples. The people of Greece, along with the developing resistance in Spain, especially Asturias and the constant resistance of the Basque Country people, is showing the rest of europe the kind of develop response needed to push back the current offensive.

The peoples of Southern Europe have for many generations proved that they have a more rigorous and militant approach to anti-imperialist and socialist struggles than the rest of the continent.

There are a few other points to be made: as someone who respects the worlds oppressed humanity which is black, people, especially white people in the west exist in a world apartheid system, a white supremacist imperialist system whereby their living standards is predicated on the perpetual and increasing war and exploitation of the worlds Black population. I can't but help feeling that white people in the west, however militant, act when their own privileged positions are attacked. On the other hand, it has to be positively accepted that for whatever the reason, at least they are struggling against the system although they dont recognise the western system as a white supremacist one. What we need to see in the interests of internationalism with non-western non-white people who are suffering super exploitation and war, that people like the Greeks and Asturian miners should extend some concrete anti-imperialism towards the peoples of the Global South.

Finally, I have noticed some western and english white lefties getting over excited about the struggle in Asturias, this would be fine if it wasnt for the fact that these same people have done nothing to build a similar struggle in england in any way shape or form, and getting hyped over the struggle in Asturias just shows up how pathetic they and their struggles are. Of course one does wish that other workers, including english workers took up the militancy shown in Greece and Asturias, but currently the fact is that the english left has failed to reign in the white working class from taking militant mass action on the streets through organisations like the far-right english defence league in attacking Asian communities up and down the country.

Victory to the Asturian miners.

For developing this struggle into a anti-imperialist internationalist one.

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