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[PlanB's apology on this issue is here, the apology raises many of the same problematics mentioned in the article below. At root, its a crisis of white identity; whites like PlanB using black culture but obviously feeling a lot more comfortable in racist whiteness - Sukant Chandan]

Plan B is living off our youth's sacrifices, and kicks them when they down
Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

There is a clear pattern whereby we have white artists who use and abuse Black music by using this music to make a career for themselves but, more often than not, give no credit to this dynamic but instead do the opposite and make, consciously or not, a whole number of white supremacist judgements on Black people and culture. 

Examples of this was the really low attack on Black males comparing them to 'apes' in Maverick Sabre and Professor Green's 'Jungle' video and track from last year. Jessie J has made a name for herself with a Dancehall-type track ManDem, but then attacks Black sisters for being 'video hoes', and reassures her monied white audience that she's really a very nice squeaky-clean white girl and distances herself from the Black community in so doing. Professor Green refused to critically reflect on this issue despite a number of public critiques directed at him, however Maverick Sabre eventually after some months made an apology on twitter, tagging SonsOfMalcolm into the tweets.

PlanB is another white artist who has made a tidy career out of Black culture and music. He has decided to make himself a spokeperson for the inner city youth in relation to the Black and Poor Youth Uprising ('riot') in August 2011 across England, sparked by the lynching of a Black brother - Mark Duggan - in Tottenham. PlanB has basically erased issues of white supremacy in society and in the police when talking about the riots, and making a film and album about it all called Ill Manors

PlanB's comments on the riots are very weak, and what he says about them could be said by any patronising Labour or Tory politician, and indeed, his work on the riots does not rock the boat at all. 

PlanB has mentioned before about how he likes the British film Made in Britain, which follows and humanises a white working class teenager who is basically a young neo-nazi. I actually like the film too, but for a white person like PlanB to mention how he likes the film but failing to problematise the obviously violently anti-Black character (played by Tim Roth in the film), and compounded by how white washing of the riots, and now wearing the t-shirt of a well-known violent white supremacist organisation means that there is a clear pattern of white supremacist reflex and behaviour of PlanB.

The phenomenon of white English people latching onto far-right white supremacist symbols is a mass phenomenon in England. The british army is being promoted non-stop amongst the masses, the british media and state has been openly protecting and promoting the violent street white supremacist movement of the english defence league who openly attack South Asian people up and down the country. English white people are lost struggling to find a cultural anchor in a rapidly changing world which is seeing them and other whites (whites comprise a total of 8% of the world population) lose their half millennia domination of this planet, and the non-white/Black world is rising and slowly the west will be in a junior partnership with the rest of humanity. It is in this context that whites are clutching at white supremacy of different kinds

Instead of promoting this white washing, PlanB could have recognised that although there were clearly issues of white supremacy in the riots (with a Black brother being lynched in open day light in a well known Black community of Tottenham, with the battles with police initially being led by Black youth etc), many working class communities and youth joined in with Black youth as the uprising developed throughout the country, with even majority working class white estates battling police in some parts of England. This unity in struggle must is terrifying the british white power structure, and they have done everything they can to ensure that this potent symbol of combative cross-racial unity does not get reported but rather they have protrayed the whole uprising as a 'Black thing', epitomised by the white supremacist historiav david starkey who said during the riots that "the whites have turned black".

PlanB could have used his position to not help the white power structure in this strategy, but to show a little bit of courage as a white person and raise the issues of white supremacy, and support the thousands of our youth who are being pushed through the so-called british justice system and suffering draconian and unjust prison terms, while our rulers who loot and put whole countries and continents to fire (Afganistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and much of Africa), which they have been doing for many centuries. Perhaps PlanB can donate a good chunk of his profits to the Duggan family, ad invest into independent grassroots youth-oriented projects in the Tottenham community. Sons of Malcolm would be more than happy to point him in the right direction to those in that community who have been resisting white supremacy for decades.

The rest of us should stay wise to these tricks, and especially non-whites should stop trying to love whiteness and white society so much by joining in this white washing and helping to cover up the nonsense being spouted by people like JessieJ, ProGreen, PlanB, Tim Westwood and other countless white artists using and abusing Black culture only to perpetuate white supremacy. It's totally sick, but that's exactly what is happening with very little criticism and resistance from us. 


Anonymous said...

Or he doesn't know what the T-shirt means.

Sukant Chandan said...

Perhaps he didnt know what it meant, but lets take his apology at face value. Its frankly not good enough for someone who has deliberately positioned himself as the spokeperson for he riots and the related issues, only that he has totally deleted the issue of white supremacy from the riots. Its amazing that someone like him can just delete this issue, delete the issue that it was a BLACK young man who was lynched by WHITE armed pigs in broad daylight in Tottenham, a proud and resistant Black community.

KMT said...

Why don't your focus your energy of promoting and supporting black artist's who are promote positive images of self and Africa, this would be a great response.