Friday, 20 July 2012


Reece Davis-James, jailed participant in last summer's youth insurrection: 

"I have met quite a few people from the riots inside and the majority agree that the riots got out of hand, burning down shops and cars was too much, but out of everyone I’ve spoken to none of them are sorry for what they did because it wasn’t just a random act of chaos. It was the Youth making a stand, a message to the governments. Because no matter what we do or how we do it our cries go unheard and our government continues to make our lives harder.....

There is a sense of injustice in here, people are angry because of what they have been sentenced for; 18mths for packet of Doritos... 9mths for Deodorant... I mean come on it’s ridiculous. I thought my punishment was extreme! The government had a taste of not being in control of a situation and they are trying to prove a point by putting everyone who took part in the riots behind bars, which is not necessary."


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