Saturday, 28 July 2012


Support Cornish national self-determination
Oppose Cornish racism against non-whites

Cornwall is a Gaelic nation on the island of 'britain', at the island's south-western most tip. I believe and support in the Cornish right to self determination and independence from the colonial british and united kingdom. Cornwall is a historically and presently oppressed nation of these islands. It has some of the worst levels of poverty and is continously denied its own rights of language, culture etc, with this ruling about the banning of their flag another example of the arrogant english colonialism which the Irish, Welsh, Scots and increasingly the Cornish want to have nothing to do with along with england's colonial foreign policy and internal anti-working class economic policies.

The Cornish also have a steadily emerging progressive nationalist party called Mebyon Kernow.

It's a great shame that too many Cornish white people are so prejudiced and express their white supremacy over non-whites there, they should remind themselves of the way they feel when they are treated by a similar colonial and white supremacist attitude by english people and state against being Cornish.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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Tomos Burton said...

I just came across this blog by accident and I have to say I was a bit taken aback by the strong language but actually when I get past that I can see your point of view. I'm genetically only half Welsh but my father who was English wasn't a nice man so nowadays I just say I'm Welsh and I never say I'm English. Of course I know that not all English are bad because my whole life has been around them but it's true that there are some right bastards out there. And I am also into Asia just as much as I am Celtic countries. When people ask me what do Wales and Japan have in common I can't always say but I like passionate people, definitely.