Sunday, 10 June 2012


This article in a right-wing mainstream paper of the brit white power structure inadvertently makes a good point: in their usual arrogant nasty manner, the piece makes digs at anti-imperialist and socialist (north) Korea and its leadership. But it says this: 

"It was more like a welcome given to teen pop idol Justin Bieber than a political leader.

"But these North Korean children certainly appeared to be overcome with emotion about meeting Kim Jong Un – even if they may have been instructed to show their happiness.

"The youngsters, all members of the Korean Children's Union, wept and jostled to hold the hand of the 'supreme leader'"

So this article is basically saying that millions of children and young people who, as a result of media brainwashing, fall about themselves over a deeply pathetic and embarrassing non-entity, but a people of the Global South cannot express their deep emotional love and loyalty to the revolutionary leadership which helped them to deliver themselves from Japanese and western colonialism and towards socialism. 

On a more positive note, great to see Kim Jong Sun being a young leader who is obviously enthusiastic about connecting with his people. This video below, although with the usual pro-imperialist slant of Al-Jazeera, gives a good idea of Kim Jon Un's dynamic with the Korean people and wonderful to hear him talking about developing the Korean national liberation and socialist revolution, and handing over the revolutionary process to the younger generations.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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