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Apologies that this is not structured better, but some comments I have made today on this issue:

EGYPT PRES ELECTION RESULTS: So the the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Morsi is declared winner by a thin margin (51%) (pro-nato slaves al-jazeera are very happy about this) against the candidate repping the Muburak era Shafiq (48%).

The Military (who have taken assertive positions against empire, while nato forces are playing footsie with the Brotherhood) are still firmly in power, so lets see what happens next, but this shows that Egypt is nearly split in half between the pro-nato MuslimBrotherhood (the choice movement for the white power structure across MENA) and the more patriotic and nationalistic camp of Shafiq.

Contradictions between the patriotic and anti-imperialist forces (mainly in and around scaf and the old order) and the collaborationist forces (liberals, lefties and brotherhood etc) will continue to intensify. Anything can happen in Egypt. Will keep watching and convey my opinions.

I would also like to remind people of a recent status of mine on my facebookSo, trickery clinton comes out in opposition to the military and supports the Muslim Brotherhood. In London we call that: BAIT! "Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state joined a growing chorus of alarm, including Human Rights Watch, which said the military's actions meant its authority went "far beyond their powers under Hosni Mubarak"." - classic quote! (source - )

I gotta a strong feeling that scaf know what they are doing, they are no joke, things have been so interesting in Egypt since the 'uprising', and they will continue to be so. then again, anything can happen in politics, and scaf *could* come to an arrangement with empire and the MB to maintain their own narrow position, but I am not seeing this happen as of yet. 

Crucial to all of this is what position scaf have in relation to Syria, Iraq and Hizbullah, there is no clear indication that they are going along with the imperialist war against them.

Interesting comment here from an editorial from the liberal wing of the english white power structure - the guardian. This extract shows how hostile vast swathes of the white power structure are the scaf (the military); that they are concerned about the fact that scaf may not give a shit about pressure from imperialism; that the white power structure considers the actions of scaf of contributing to the sabotage of the nato agenda in the region (arab spring, blah blah); and they are desperate that scaf dont switch off totally from 'external [ie., imperialist] pressure', and turn strategically against empire:

"In all of this the international community has acted as willing collaborators with the generals, refusing to speak out even in the midst of what appears to many to be a slow-moving and soft coup d'etat. The United States, which provides the military with $1.3bn in aid, is most guilty in this respect, but the British Foreign Office and other European capitals have hardly been better. There are, however, signs that even the US may be running out of patience with the generals' unwillingness to hand over power to civilian rule. Warnings have issued from the State Department that aid is contingent on political transition.

"The outcome of the struggle under way in Egypt is critical, too, not just for that country's weary inhabitants but for the wider region which has witnessed the promise of the Arab Spring transformed increasingly into a bitter competition between different players.

"Failure of the revolution and transition in Egypt would have far-reaching consequences. For now, at least, the junta remains susceptible to external pressure."

Al-jazeera correspondent at Tahrir right now trying his best to put some kind of radical populist spin on Morsi's win, implying that Morsi's win will threaten israel in some way. BUT, read all the way through the imperialist press, and the empire ARE NOT worried at all about any potential rise in anti-zionism as a direct result of Morsi's win.

So with all the Islamophobic propaganda in the last decade plus, the empire is rather relaxed about the MB win, and very happy the scaf's man didnt get in.

Read this piece on Morsi's win in the tory right wing paper of the english white power structure, and very nice article in favour of Morsi really!

And look at all those Palestinian flags all over Tahrir right now! - NOT.

God bless Gamal Abdel Nasser, only God knows what Nasser would have thought of this utter nonsensical mess.


Two interesting points from Brothers Nu'man and Roshan respectively:

Let me get this right 13 million voted for Mursi out of 50 million possible voters. That makes Mursi the winner with about 26% of the Egyptian vote. Just over a quarter of the Egyptians voted for him and he gets to rule the country.
Same thing happens in any so called democracy. Cameron got 30 per cent I think. But Cameron has a reasonable degree of power, Mursi won't. Polarised country and the fact that most didn't vote at all is very interesting.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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