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There was and continues to be a lot more going on in Egypt beyond the 'Muburak was a dictator defeated by a glorious Arab Spring' narrative that is promoted by most. In my opinion, Muburak and Ben Ali had to be removed in order for a smoother regime-change war in the country sandwiched by Tunisia and Egypt - the pro-Global South pro-African state of Libya. Furthermore, there is some evidence pointing to the fact that although Muburak was going along with the imperialist-directed anti-Iranian position, that he was moving away from this and developing positive relations with the Iranian state. 

This piece of information below points again to another agenda as to the imperialist machinations with Egypt in relation to the Arab and African regions. 

The results of the Egyptian 'revolution' is the loss of an Arab state to nato (Libya), which totally flies in the face of the Pan-Arab revolutionary struggle, and it this revolution has done nothing to forward the freedom struggle of the peoples of the region against imperialism and zionism. 

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Did Muburak Support the Somali Islamic Courts?

The claim that Egypt was aiding the ICU was made in a report for the UNSC by the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia in October 2006. See

Relevant section copied below:

Egypt The Monitoring Group has received information that the Government of Egypt has provided training in support of the ICU, Somalia, as follows:

(a) On 26 July 2006, a meeting took place in Mogadishu between officials from the ICU and visiting Libyan, Egyptian and Eritrean senior military officers at the residence of ICU Finance Chief, Abdulkadir Abukar Omar Adani. The meeting resulted in the following decisions: military training would be provided to about 3800 fighters at the Hilweyne military barracks located near Bal’ad town, north of Mogadishu; Egypt and Eritrea would provide instructors; facility upgrades, training costs and incentives were to be paid for by the Libyan Government; Libyan, Eritrean and Egyptian military officers with support from Sheik Yusuf Indohaadde, Adan Hashi “Eyrow”, Abdullahi Ali Nuur and Mukhtar Roboow “Abu Mansuur” were to evaluate the condition and needs of the proposed training site the day following the meeting.

On 23 August 2006, the ICU opened the military training camp at Hilweyne and welcomed their first contingent of about 600 recruits who are expected to undergo a period of intensive military and ideological training

On 19 September 2006, the Monitoring Group sent a letter to the Government of Egypt notifying it of the above information and seeking its response. On 2 October 2006, the Monitoring Group received a reply from the Government of Egypt (Annex III) denying their involvement in the above described activity.

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