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This is not an endorsement of Idi Amin. But the reason Amin is hated so much by the white power structure is although he wasnt exactly a wise and experienced leader, Amin constantly tweeked the nose of the white man, allied with Gadafi, supported the Palestinians and opposed zionism. Basically did a lot to resist imperialism with his own often witty and humourous anti-imperialism of sorts. For example, sending food aid to britain

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Racism and Wealth


Many Ugandan Asians remember with bitterness their expulsion from Uganda

Jaffer Kapasi says he is still angry that Idi Amin has never been brought to trial - he lives in exile in Saudi Arabia having been overthrown in 1979.

But some have taken the view that however wrong the actions of Idi Amin, the Asian community did not exactly endear itself to Ugandans.

Yasmin Alibhai Brown is a newspaper columnist. She and her family left Uganda in 1972.

Looking back, she says that she still misses her homeland but also loves London, where she now lives.

"Many Ugandan Asians have similar ambiguous views - that so much was lost and even more gained when Amin banished us from a country we had helped build".

She says that the Asians did little to share their wealth and skills, they sent money out of the country illegally and "most Asians were deeply racist, unable to imagine marrying Africans and living with them as equals".

On 26 August, the 30th anniversary of the expulsion order by Idi Amin, Ms Alibhai Brown wrote in Britain's Independent newspaper that she once attended a meeting addressed by President Museveni of Uganda at which he said that properties and homes would be handed back to Asians who returned to Uganda.

She says that the president also reminded them that relatively few Asians had been killed in Uganda but that half a million Ugandans died in the wars that began during Mr Amin's period in power.

She concluded that when looking back on the expulsion of the Asians, people needed to remember the truth about what happened.

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